More San Francisco kids activities on Playplanit!

Playplanit, San Francisco's complete calendar of kids' activities is expanding to more of the Bay Area! This site was created by two San Francisco moms to help other moms.

Online PR News – 10-June-2010 – – One of the challenges that a new mom faces is getting the opportunity to meet other moms so they can share the experience. Of course, moms have online opportunities for "connecting" by sharing pictures & status updates via social media sites. However, they've lost the real-life neighborhood connection where kids play & parents gather. Most notably, in urban areas.

Laurel Kellam & Allison Howard are two San Francisco residents who became moms for the first time last June. They felt the need to connect with other moms going through the same experience so they started attending baby & mom classes at various local businesses. Keeping track of the schedule at each business proved to be a pain. Plus, as they spoke to other moms they learned about more and more businesses they hadn't heard of before.

"We thought there had to be a way to consolidate all of the great kids events we were coming across so that new moms could have the opportunity to connect offline," says Laurel Kellam. In January of this year the two women decided to create, San Francisco's complete calendar of kids' activities.

Since their official launch in May, Playplanit has already received positive feedback from the community. "We haven't even started really advertising yet & already we're hearing from people outside of San Francisco about how excited they are for us to come to their neighborhood. It feels tremendous to know moms are finding value in what we're offering," says Laurel Kellam.

Because of the response they've received Allison & Laurel are expanding Playplanit outside of the city of San Francisco. As of now, families in Marin, Alameda & San Mateo county can find local events & activities to do with their child. New kids activities are being added every day to help more women make the transition to motherhood.