Award-winning e-Learning Software Makes for Small Downloads Compared to Adobe Captivate

Innovating course authoring tools dynamically download more quickly

Online PR News – 10-June-2010 – – Provo, Utah – Rapid Intake, the leader in rapid interactive e-learning authoring software, announced today that its award-winning e-learning software makes downloads easy on the end-user, especially compared to Captivate.

A common complaint among Captivate users, the resulting file size from courses authored in Captivate can be extremely large, making for a difficult download experience for the learner.

“We hear this complaint about Captivate a lot,” says Garin Hess, CEO of Rapid Intake. “Captivate jams all of the content into one huge Flash movie. Downloading it is like trying to swallow an elephant.”

Rapid Intake reports that its rapid e-learning course authoring tools build courses with a very light-weight footprint for downloads, meaning that the course can get started sooner for the learner.

“Rapid Intake courses are more modular,” says Steve Hancock, Rapid Intake President, who oversees development. “The learner only has to download a small course interface file, about 70K, to get started.”

Captivate jams all of the content into one huge Flash movie. Downloading it is like trying to swallow an elephant.

The initial download includes the course interface as well as SCORM communication code. SCORM is the industry standard for communicating with Learning Management Systems (LMSes). Once the small initial file is downloaded, then the Rapid Intake course downloads only what the learner requests.

In other words, even if a course is 500 MB, the learner only has to download 70K to get started, then on the first page, it downloads only what pertains to that modular first page. Captivate, in comparison, would package the entire 500 MB into one download. This forces Captivate users to come up with strategies to deal with the large downloads, such as breaking up the course in unnatural places, that don’t necessarily benefit the learner.

“Not only do you control what gets downloaded when, you also control how much media gets downloaded before it starts playing,” continues Hancock. “In Rapid Intake you can control what is called the ‘download percentage’.”

This means that if there is a large video that the learner needs to view, the course author can set the download percentage to a low amount, such as ten percent. Once ten percent of the video has downloaded, the video will start playing while the rest downloads in the background.

“The bottom line is that with faster downloads, more learners are likely to actually begin and complete the course,” says Hess. “This means more people trained, not exiting because of annoyance.”

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