How to Compare Lab Scale Mixing with Full Scale Process Vessel Performance Webinar

METTLER TOLEDO announced the webinar – The Importance of Mixing: How to Compare Lab Scale Mixing with Full Scale Process Vessel Performance – is now available on-demand. METTLER TOLEDO is proud to offer this free online seminar where presenter Ray Machado compares lab mixing and large scale mixing, while featuring two short courses he has given: Fundamentals of Scale-up and iControl Mixing Guidelines.

Online PR News – 09-June-2010 – – During this online seminar, Ray Machado - of Air Products and Chemicals and rm2 Technologies - discusses why process objectives are critical for successful manufacturing of a product. If the mixing scale-up fails the required yield, quality, or physical properties of the product, manufacturing costs may significantly increase. Failure to provide the necessary mixing may result in severe manufacturing problems on scale-up, ranging from costly corrections in the plant to complete failure of a process.

The costs associated with mixing problems are far greater than the cost of adequately evaluating and solving mixing issues during process development. Conversely, the economic potential of improved mixing processes in a lab reactor compares to the mixing performance of a full scale process vessel which is targeted to receive the lab developed process.

Your webinar presenter, Reinaldo (Ray) Machado, is President of rm2 Technologies LLC, a company focused on the teaching the application of practical mixing technology. Ray is also employed by Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. in Allentown, PA. Ray has served as a part-time instructor of the short course Scale-Up Considerations in Chemical Processes at Lehigh University and currently teaches industrial courses on the fundamentals of scale-up.

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