20 Years of Reaction Calorimetry at Johnson and Johnson

METTLER TOLEDO announced the webinar – 20 Years of Reaction Calorimetry at Johnson and Johnson: Developing Improved and Safer Processes – presented by Stephen M. Stefanick, of Johnson and Johnson, is now available on-demand.

Online PR News – 09-June-2010 – – METTLER TOLEDO is proud to offer this free online seminar that describes how reaction calorimetry is used to evaluate modifications to original conditions and how it has helped improved scalable processes at Johnson and Johnson. During this online seminar, Stephen Stefanick discusses how Johnson and Johnson uses reaction calorimetry to resolve process safety concerns associated with the development of synthetic route into a safe, economical, and environmentally acceptable full scale process.

Procedures used to develop initial quantities of materials for preliminary studies often use exotic reagents and experimental conditions not amenable to scale-up to safety and operational issues. Process Development methods – such as control feed or reverse order of addition – to manage delayed initiation or uncontrolled exotherm will be explained in the context of reaction calorimetry using real case studies at Johnson and Johnson.

Your online presenter, Stephen M. Stefanick, is a Research Fellow in the Reaction Safety Laboratory at Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Development.

Visit http://us.mt.com/us/en/home/supportive_content/specials.Reaction-Calorimetry-Johnson-And-Johnson.oneColEd.html for details.

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