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Educaedu introduces a new online tool for finding courses and programs in higher education institutions around the world.

Online PR News – 09-June-2010 – – While over 200,000 international students came to study in the U.S. last year, around 262,000 American preferred to do it in another country, resulting in a fourfold increase from two decades ago, according to a research by the International Institute of Education. However, looking for a good study program overseas is far from being a simple task, it takes a lot of time and energy to get all the information required to make the right choice between universities.

Designed to help students with the challenge of finding the most adequate degree for their profiles, the recently launched portal Educaedu ( organizes information about schools and universities all over the world, gathering more than 90,000 courses and programs. In addition to the information in the native language of each country, the user can also find many programs listed in English. One benefit Educaedu offers is the enquiry form system, which connects students with schools by directing them to the specific program coordinator or admissions officer.

Educaedu is the leading online global educational directory, with websites for 20 different countries in 9 languages and a combined average of 60,000 unique visitors per day. What sets Educaedu apart from other online portals is the vast quantity of information available to users, and the concept of education in a global context. Through a single portal it is possible to find all the necessary details of almost 100,000 courses, certificates, bachelors, masters and MBAs offered in such countries as Canada, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Poland, Turkey and Russia.

Educaedu United States ( is one of the newer sites to join the portal, and it is growing rapidly as new universities and study programs are added every day. Students can find details on the programs offered, such as price, description, goals and requirements, all of which help with the choice between different institutions, degrees and locations.

One of the advantages of Educaedu is the advanced search engine system, which filter courses and programs by state, city, mode of study and area of study. By continuously updating its database, the website provides all the necessary elements for the quick and easy selection of a course most suited to one´s profile.

About Educaedu

Educaedu was founded in 2001 by Spanish entrepreneurs Mikel Castaños and Fernando Bacaicoa, with the release of three websites in Spain: Buscaoposiciones, Tumaster and Canalcursos. In January 2008, they decided to expand the project internationally with the creation of Educaedu as a global brand.

Soon, Educaedu will be releasing websites for China, South Korea and India. The Educaedu team is made up of 60 people and 14 different nationalities. Educaedu has offices in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bilbao (Spain) and São Paulo (Brazil), and has representatives in Bogota (Colombia), Santiago (Chile) and Mexico City (Mexico).

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