SpeedyPrep Launches New, 6 Credit American Literature CLEP Course

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Online PR News – 09-June-2010 – – SAN ANTONIO, TX - SpeedyPrep, LLC, a leader in online College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) preparation courses, recently announced the launch of a new American Literature CLEP course on the company’s website, http://www.SpeedyPrep.com. This new course is designed to prepare students to pass the American Literature CLEP, allowing students to test out of the typical two semester American Literature college course.

CLEP exams are the most widely accepted credit-by-exam tests in the US. They allow students to earn college credit outside of a classroom, allowing students to save time and money. The American Literature CLEP allows students to earn 6 credits at over 2900 different colleges and universities, and the goal of the new SpeedyPrep course is to help students be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

The American Literature CLEP test replaces a two semester American Literature course that most college students take for an undergraduate degree. It tests a student’s knowledge of specific literary works and the social times surrounding them, as well as the student’s ability to interpret meanings of literary passages utilizing standard literary terms, verse forms, and literary devices.

The new SpeedyPrep course covers this material, and presents it in an interactive digital flashcard system. This system not only presents the information needed to pass the test, but also tracks the student’s study progress, assesses the student’s mastery of the subject, and alerts the student once the student has reached a level of subject mastery sufficient to pass this exam. This unique system has been proven to be very effective in helping students learn the information needed in the quickest time possible.

SpeedyPrep offers CLEP courses for 19 separate CLEP subjects, all of which utilize the same format and approach of the American Literature CLEP course. SpeedyPrep’s other courses have been used by thousands of CLEP takers, resulting in an industry leading 99.2% pass rate. For the 0.8% who are unable to pass the exam after completing the SpeedyPrep course, SpeedyPrep offers a 120 day money back guarantee.

“The American Literature CLEP is the perfect way for students to earn 6 college credits in a short period of time and for under $100. This is an unbeatable opportunity for students,” said Jason Manion of SpeedyPrep. “Between SpeedyPrep and CLEP, students can save thousands of dollars and significant time as well. Every student owes it to themselves to take at least one or two CLEPs within their college degree.”

About: SpeedyPrep LLC was established in 2007 as an online study course company that helps students prepare for CLEP credit by examination programs. SpeedyPrep’s comprehensive study courses have prepared thousands of students to earn college credit outside the classroom through tests. SpeedyPrep employs cutting edge technology that students use to keep track of their studies and ensure that they are making the best use of their study sessions. SpeedyPrep is the only online preparation service that offers a fully money-back guarantee if a student fails a exam. SpeedyPrep has recently launched the SpeedyPrep Degree Services as a means of assisting students in maximizing the use of CLEP exams in their degree.