Agave Nectar a Healthy Alternative to Sugar

Preferred by chefs and recommended by doctors, Xagave’s agave nectar sweetener provides a healthy alternative to sugar.

Online PR News – 09-June-2010 – – Lindon, Utah – Agave nectar sweetener provides a healthy alternative to sugar. The organic and all natural sweetener is well known for great taste and a favorite among professional chefs. Stephen Richards, President and CEO comments “Xagave is the only agave sweetener that has been able to extract the amazingly healthful inulin from the blue agave plant and infuse it with the calcium-rich white agave.” Steven goes on to say “Inulin is a water-soluble dietary fiber that is capable of moderating blood sugar levels, boosting the immune system, increasing calcium absorption, increasing bone density, reducing risk of colon cancer, and improving digestive health, among other things.” Mr. Richards adds “The agave nectar sweetener provides a filling effect which will satisfy your appetite making it a useful tool for weight loss and weight management.”

Inulin is a water-soluble dietary fiber that is capable of moderating blood sugar levels boosting the immune system increasing calcium absorption increasing bone density reducing risk of colon cancer and improving digestive health among other things.

A recent study from the American Heart Association recommends limiting the consumption of added sugars. The AHA study recommends most women should consume no more than 100 calories of added sugars per day and most men, no more than 150 calories per day. The average American consumes 22.5 teaspoons or 355 calories of added sugar per day.

For those looking to cut back on sugar, agave nectar is the perfect all natural sugar replacement. Artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame have a low calorie count however the chemicals in these engineered products are questionable at best and not recommended for cooking. Natural sweeteners like honey and molasses are chemical-free, but their glycemic index, calorie count, and specific taste make them a poor replacement for sugar. Alternative natural sweeteners such as Stevia and Lo Han are limited in their application and are often difficult to use. The all natural agave nectar provides the best of all worlds. In addition to a low glycemic index (30 to 35) and significant calorie savings, the health advantages from the inulin-infused agave nectar are unmatched by any sugar or sugar replacement.

Xagave is truly where delicious meets nutritious. The natural sweetener is sweeter than sugar, very versatile and can easily be used as a complete sugar replacement. The pure agave nectar provides excellent cooking qualities. Unlike other sweeteners, Xagave actually enhances the flavor of foods. Xagave can be used for cooking, canning and baking or as a table top sweetener for cereal, coffee or tea. To help others take advantage of the nutritious health benefits of agave nectar Mr. Richards published “Delicious Meets Nutritious” a compilation of recipes; how to cook, can and bake with agave nectar and whole grains. The Delicious Meets Nutritious cookbook has been well received with over 5,000 copies sold this year, one of the signature recipes in the agave nectar cookbook features a delicious whole grain carrot cake that is over 3,000 calories less that its sugar and white flour counterpart.

Xagave is truly in a class of its own and the only agave nectar sweetener to combine all the health benefits of both white and blue agave nectar with an amazingly great taste.

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