The Label Printers Joins The Certification Industry Against Counterfeiting's North American Su

The CIAC’s recent North American Summit (Co-hosted by the National IPR Coordination Center and INTERPOL in Partnership with the Certification Industry Against Counterfeiting) “Working in Partnership Against a Common Threat” brought certification agencies, rights holders, law enforcement organizations, governmental agencies, and industry suppliers to a summit to discuss the threat that is counterfeiting, and how to address it.

Online PR News – 08-June-2010 – – Aurora, IL, June 8, 2010 – The Label Printers recently participated in the CIAC’s North American Summit in Arlington, VA. Conference presenters included representatives of businesses such as Eaton Corporation and Leviton; government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Justice, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement; law enforcement groups such as Interpol, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; and certification and standards organizations such as UL and ANSI. The Summit was attended by individuals representing the law enforcement community, IP and brand owners, anti-counterfeiting solution suppliers, and others interested in combating the global menace of counterfeiting and piracy.

The Summit’s Conferences covered the following topics and case studies:
• Protecting Consumer Health & Safety Presentation
• Global Leadership – Delivering National Solutions
• Electrical Industry CIAC Related Case Study
• Law Enforcement CIAC Related International Intervention Case Study
• Panel 1 – Certification Industry – Working in Partnership with Industry
What Works and How Can we do Better Together?
• Panel 2 – Law Enforcement/Government North American Perspective
What Works and How can we do Better Together?
• Converting Information into Action

Presentations included information from Customs such as the value of seizures in 2009 ($260,000,000), and the types of items seized (which included the increasingly serious threats of counterfeit electrical and pharmaceutical products). Rights holders, such as Eaton, face issues of highly recognized brands with high demand, coupled with high volume/low cost products (high volume counterfeiting is often about simple products such as batteries and electrical cords, which, when counterfeited, can have deadly consequences), marketed through a complex and loosely controlled supply/distribution chain. And law enforcement and standards organizations discussed the critical nature of partnerships and coordination in combating counterfeiting, and the ever increasing threat to safety and even national security that it represents.

More information about the summit and the CIAC is available at their web site –

On a day which has been designated World Anti Counterfeiting Day, The Label Printers encourages everyone from consumers to rights holders to standards and enforcement agencies to form partnerships, become aware of the depth and breadth of the problem, and together seek solutions to the increasingly prevalent and even deadly menace of counterfeiting.

For over a decade The Label Printers, as the source for UL (Underwriters Laboratories) security labels, has been building and expanding their manufacturing and knowledge base in holographic products, tamper-evident products, micro printing, taggants, embedded codes, void adhesives, color shifting inks, and overt, covert, and forensic verification. The company invites you to learn more about how to protect your brand and intellectual property from counterfeiting, with multi-layered packaging solutions. Contact Lori Campbell, Chief of Operations, at 800.229.9549 (international calls at +001.630.897.6970) or e-mail us at

The Label Printers is a leading custom label and packaging manufacturer, serving a widely diverse customer base around the globe – ranging from Fortune 100 to start-up businesses. The company serves industries as varied as wine, pharmaceutical, and electrical. The Label Printers takes special pride in their quality, which is backed up by their ISO 9001 Registration (with an acceptance rating which has stayed at a consistent and nearly perfect 99.6% since 1989).

The Label Printers, Aurora, IL, started in business in 1967, manufacturing simple label constructions in a 1,000 square foot space, with 1 employee, serving the local Chicago market.
Today, the company has evolved into one of the 100 largest converters in the United States. The Label Printers owns and operates two facilities in Aurora, Illinois, manufacturing and distributing labels and packaging products to thousands of customers in 25 countries around the world. The company’s packaging products are certified to ISO 9001 standards, and their quality is backed up by their 99.6% Quality Acceptance Rating.
The Label Printers is a member of NASPO (North American Security Products Organization), IACC (International Anticounterfeiting Coalition), CACP (Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy), TLMI (Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute) and the FTA (Flexographic Technical Association).