BFO’s PDF Library Makes It Quicker to Convert PDF to TIFF

Big Faceless Organization (BFO) are pleased to announce the release of an update to their PDF library software.

Online PR News – 08-June-2010 – – London based Java PDF software provider Big Faceless Organization (BFO) are pleased to announce the unveiling of a major rewrite of the rendering engine of their PDF library range. The 2.11.10 release incorporates a complete rewrite of the imaging layer and drastically improved results from rasterizing PDF to Bitmap images.

Mike Bremford, Big Faceless Organization’s chief technology officer had this to say: ‘The new imaging layer means loading a PDF in our PDF Viewer or converting a PDF to TIFF is faster. The rewrite also paves the way for further improvements in the future. We've also put in a few fixes for very large files - you can now load, save, encrypt and digitally sign PDF files in excess of 2GB in size’.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is an increasingly popular way of formatting images and offers a range of benefits when converting from PDF including making archived documents readable without compromising quality. These images are also protected from unauthorised duplication and are difficult to alter.

This improvement to what was already a powerful piece of software is sure to be of great help to BFO’s clients and is raising the standard for the Java PDF library industry as a whole.

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