LiveAdmins JLT to Attend Media Mondays

LiveAdmins JLT is pleased to announce they will attend Media Mondays. LiveAdmins JLT discusses with media specialists how Live Chat can help businesses get more from their websites through the use of online customer support.

Online PR News – 12-July-2013 – Dubai – Dubai, U.A.E. (LIVEADMINS JLT) 11 March 2013- LiveAdmins JLT will attend Media Mondays. It is a networking event sponsored by ActiveMedia. It will be held at Kempinski Hotel, Palm Jumeirah on 11th March 2013. Hamza Nasir, Director of Strategic Relations for LiveAdmins JLT, will attend the event to meet media professionals. Digital marketers will learn how Live Chat seamlessly delivers customer support directly on the website. Hamza will illustrate how live chat technology supplements online marketing to facilitate online growth.

Media Mondays will be hosted in Kempinski Hotel, Palm Jumeirah Dubai. It will be Active Media’s quarterly networking event. The objective of this enterprise is to gather media industry executives from the fields of journalism, film, TV, PR, advertising, internet, mobile, radio all under one roof. Active Media was founded in 1995 as a strategic consultation venture with America Online’s Greenhouse project. It is a digital marketing company that has offices in North America as well as in the United Arab Emirates. They have more than a decade of online experience. Their team compromises of award-winning designers that combine functionality, creative designs and usability into websites, advertisements, logos and brochures. They are responsible for the success of standalone web campaigns and integrated online and offline marketing efforts.

LiveAdmins is a pioneer in the Live Chat industry, providing custom-tailored Live Chat online sales & customer service solutions. LiveAdmins has a history of working with digital marketers to provide website owners with complete online marketing solutions.

Hamza Nasir will illustrate how LiveAdmins JLT improves customer experience through Live Chat technology. He will explain how through the use of interactive solutions such as Live Chat service and live chat software, online businesses can establish a meaningful connection with website visitors in real-time. And since LiveAdmins has been so successful working with digital marketing firms in the U.S. market, Hamza will discuss partnership synergies with the media professionals.

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