The Government Urges the PSOE Cospedal to Join Employment Policies that are Already Paying Off

Home states that we cannot go back to the same mistakes that have led to the current situation Move the PP and the PSOE some of the measures adopted by the regional government in the coming months to create jobs in Castilla-La Mancha

Online PR News – 12-July-2013 – Consejeria de Empleo y Economia – Spain, July 10, 2013 - The Minister of Employment and the Economy of Castilla-La Mancha, Carmen Casero, has urged the PSOE to join employment policies being developed by the Government of Cospedal and, as is being demonstrated, begin to operate in the fight against unemployment.

Home During the meeting held today with the Socialist parliamentary group spokesman, José Luis Martínez Guijarro, and the deputy of the PSOE, Milagros Toulon, which was also attended by the parliamentary group spokesman, Francisco Cañizares, Home has highlighted the 352 million that the Government has allocated Cospedal, as far this term, to ensure that all those who want to work can do so with the help of the regional administration.

Regarding the key proposals presented by the PSOE in the Castile-La Mancha in relation to unemployment, the minister recalled that the regional government has already launched a number of these measures and the rest would return to the same policies past and failed the previous government.

In this sense, Casero said that during the period of greatest height of this type of active policies, unemployment increased by more than 140 percent, from 89,991 unemployed in May 2007, to 212 433 in May 2011, ie during the last parliamentary socialist.

So Home has insisted that we can not go back to the same mistakes that have led to the current situation, the result of an employment policy based on the grant cyclical and short-term prospects have not helped to solve the unemployment situation in our region. During the meeting, the Minister of Employment and the Economy has also highlighted the work the regional government is taking place to ensure that our young people to enter the labor market in a stable and the importance of the strategy which will increase their own funding with funds from the European Union will come soon.

Also, Home also reported the PP and the PSOE that we are working to launch before the end of the year, a new helpline hiring unemployed among other actions to accelerate economic recovery and productive of Castilla-La Mancha.

Positive indicators
Moreover, in statements to the media, Casero recalled that the economic indicators that are know, show that economic activity begins to improve. As an example he cited the corporations accumulated data has increased in the first five months of the year more than 8 percent and dissolution of companies has decreased by 4.3 percent.

In the same vein, also noted that there are 19,133 fewer people on unemployment lists at the beginning of the year, the number of contracts has increased last month in more than 27 percent, which is the best figures Nationally, the increase in autonomous 1,559 since early 2013, more than 9,304 affiliated to Social Security, the growth in the volume of exports by 14 percent and that business confidence is above the national average.

Finally, Home is back to reach out to the PSOE to achieve employment agreements inviting them to reflect and share with the Government of Cospedal concern about getting Castilla-La Mancha forward to the future of the hand of all the society.

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