4th Day Of Pre-Festival Screening At Jagran Film Festival

Jagran Film Festival is an initiative to let the cultural barriers break by showcasing movies across boundries. Celebrating 100 years of cinema, fourth edition of Jagran Film Festival is set to travel 16 cities across 10 states beginning with New Delhi.

Online PR News – 12-July-2013 – New Delhi – Fourth day at the festival gained more popularity than earlier days as the auditorium was flooded with people constantly coming in to watch Indian Cinema’s classics. This day begun with the screening of Mother India (1957) , directed by Mehboob Khan, starring Nargis.

This melodrama shows the life of a woman who stands by her morals amidst all the struggles and problems. This is how an ideal Indian mother should be, so the title Mother India. This movie beautifully depicts the love of a mother for her sons, no matter how they are but also knows difference between right and wrong. She even kills her own son, Birju, when he commits a mistake, for the greater good, no matter how much she loved her.

The second movie that was screened at the festival was Kagaz ke Phool which began at around 2 p.m. Directed by Guru Dutt, it portrays the harsh reality of Indian Cinema. A person is known in a film industry till he works and is successful in his endeavors. When he falls, he keeps on falling and finally comes to the ground where people fail to even recognize him. That’s how this world is.

In the movie, the protagonist Mr. Sinha (played by Guru Dutt) is forced to live away from his wife Veena as her rich parents consider filmmaking aa a job lacking in social status. He is not even allowed to meet his daughter, Pammi. One night, he meets a young charming girl named Shanti. As the events unfold further, Shanti is seen to be the new actress in the industry. In the mean time, both fall in love with each other and make sacrifices for each other from time to time. It shows the journey of a famous film director from rich to rags.

Third one was Pather Panchali, directed by Satyajit Ray, and has won multiple awards nationally and internationally. It is followed by two more films, which represents later stages of the protagonist, Apu. Apu is a small boy born in a rural poor Brahmin family. He has an older sister named Durga who takes good care of her but dies in the end of fever. His father earns very little and his mother is always grief-stricken. They also have an old aunt Indir, who lives with them. This movie shows the childhood of apu and also highlights the struggles of poor people.