OMICS Group Incorporation Announces Acquisition of Journal: Oral Health and Dental Management

OMICS Publishing Group is proud to announce the acquisition of the journal: Oral Health and Dental Management (OHDM), a dentistry research-based quality journal.

Online PR News – 12-July-2013 – Henderson, Nevada – OMICS Group is proud to announce the acquisition of the journal: Oral Health and Dental Management (OHDM), a dentistry research based quality journal. With this acquisition, the glory heads high and both the organizations join hands together for fulfillment of making healthcare information Open Access.

The contract agreement, between, Dr. Srinubabu Gedela, CEO, OMICS Group Incorporation and Prof. Corneliu Amariei, Founding executive and editor of OHDM, is a channel to open the boundaries of knowledge, and to build a strong headway in this field.

Oral Health and Dental Management (OHDM; ISSN: 2247-2452) is a scholarly peer-reviewed Open Access journal indexing in PubMed, Medline and many other esteemed indexing services. The journal stands as one of its kinds in the research terrain of dentistry and oral health by offering high quality and authentic research articles.

With the objective of providing resources for the improvement of research online, free of cost, by reaching out to healthcare professionals, scientists and public, OHDM's Open Access policy enumerates OMICS's vision of dissemination of scientific and healthcare information. With the Open Access Policy, OHDM reinvents the passion and mission for serving the scientific community and serving them with scholarly articles and research at the easiest steps. Started in 2002, OHDM fosters communication between academic research and interdisciplinary commerce of medicine.

"OMICS and OHDM share a passion for serving the science and community, and thus, I am very happy to cover this deal with Prof. Amariei. His feedbacks and opinions are valuable," remarked Dr. Srinubabu Gedela, CEO, OMICS Group.

Dr. James E. Jones, Professor, Indiana University, USA; Dr. Ichiro Semba, Professor, Kagoshima University, Japan; Dr. Nora Donaldson, Professor and Head, King's College London Dental Institute, UK; and all the esteemed and respected Editorial Board Members in the field of dentistry and oral health, have supported, and encouraged to imbibe the open access acquired journal as a source of vast knowledge and impression. OMICS is proud of holding such a prestigious board who have great experiences and accomplishments in this field.

OHDM aspires to publish new findings, critical analysis, and uses the state of the art of Editorial Manager System for quick and quality peer-review. OHDM encompasses all aspects of dentistry, public dental health and oral hygiene.

OHDM is available online and resources accessible to everyone. Accomplishing its mission of Open Access policy, OHDM adds another important pointer. Dr. Amariei continues to add his experiences, decisions, and evaluations with OMICS and OHDM.

About OMICS Group Incorporation:

Dr. Srinubabu Gedela founded OMICS group Incorporation in 2007, with a clear mission and vision of dissemination of knowledge and that it should rightly be available to all. OMICS running a continuous evolution since then currently hosts more than 300 journals under its vast umbrella. To support these resources and vice versa, they organize about 100 conferences each year worldwide. Accounting for more than 2 Million readerships, they hold 22000 and more editorial team as an important structure in the above accomplishments.

About Dr. Corneliu Amariei:

Oral Health and Dental Management was independently owned and founded by Dr. Corneliu Amariei, who being a pioneer in the research field of oral and dental has contributed his time and work to develop and support the science community. He organizes and presidents various conferences every year to achieve his mission of spreading knowledge. He is thankful and greatful to the editor in chief, Dr. Kenneth Eaton and Dr. Laura Wiles for extending their friendship, support and knowledge for development of OHDM.