DUI Hotline to Give Away 100 Free Key Chain Breathalyzers
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California’s leading network of DUI Attorneys, 888-DUI-HOTLine, will be giving away key chain breathalyzers to selected Facebook “friends” who re-post DUI Checkpoint information.

Online PR News – 12-July-2013 – Riverside, CA – Ever since 888-DUI-HOTLine began posting dui checkpoints on its Facebook feed, their number of friends have swelled from 100s to over 3000.

To reward those who re-post our DUI Checkpoints we will be randomly sending them a key chain breathalyzer.

“We have been posting legal information and DUI Law updates, which is well received, but when we post DUI Checkpoint information, the messages go viral,” commented DUI Hotline spokesperson Carmen Lantz. “To reward those who re-post our DUI Checkpoints, we will be randomly sending them a key chain breathalyzer.”

Law enforcement use DUI checkpoints as a deterrent to save lives and reduce the incidences of drunk driving. Others see DUI Checkpoints as an encroachment on individual personal freedoms and sources of revenues for city and county governments.

Many drivers do not know that California law has rules for how these checkpoints must be set up and conducted, and that many times the police don’t always follow all of the rules. In such cases, the traffic stop may be found to be illegal, and the arrest on charges of a DUI may be thrown out of court.

888-DUI-HOTLine is a network and directory of independently owned law firms and DUI Attorneys. All attorneys are pre-screened and are in good standing with the California State Bar. People who have been arrested for a DUI in California should contact a qualified and experience DUI Attorney. A DUI is a serious offense. Persons arrested for DUI can lose their license or even their job. Use 888-DUI-HOTLine to find an excellent DUI Attorney. For more information visit www.888duiHotline.com" target="_blank" class="highlight_link">http://www.888duiHotline.com or call 888-DUI-HOTLine (888-384-4685).

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