Toys Etc. Launches WOW Toys

Toys Etc. announces the launch of a new product category to demonstrate its broad selection of WOW toys. These innovative playthings offer advanced functionality with no batteries required.

Online PR News – 08-June-2010 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

MORAYFIELD, Queensland (June 7, 2010) - Toys Etc. proudly announces the addition of a new product category. The company's wide range of kids' toys now includes offerings from wow toys. Toys Etc. is an Australian online toy store based out of Queensland.

WOW Toys produces innovative playthings with mesmerizing features. Such well-engineered kids' toys include moving parts and mechanical components that function with no batteries required. Kids can unlock these special features by simply pressing proprietary WOW buttons. With these easy-to-use mechanisms, young children are given the chance to explore the basic fundamentals of mechanical engineering in action.

Among the many manufacturers of toys for toddlers, WOW Toys offers products with some of the most advanced safety features. Toys Etc. recognizes that parents care deeply about the health and well-being of their children. However, kids need a significant amount of independent playtime. With the safety of WOW toys, parents can allow toddlers to play on their own. Independent play encourages the development of self-confidence. Additionally, these play sessions give parents the time to catch up on other responsibilities. Raising a family can be challenging. WOW Toys produces safe playthings that parents trust. These collectible toddler toys are also known for their ability to attract lucrative bids on online auction websites.

WOW toys are constructed from safe materials. Their engineers have sworn off the use of toxic PVC plastics. Also, WOW toys do not include small parts; tiny components pose a serious risk to toddlers as a choking hazard. These guilt-free gifts have been tested for safety by an independent firm. As a toy manufacturer, WOW Toys takes every precaution to guarantee the safety of toddlers.

WOW Toys began as the brainchild of Nadim Ednan-Laperouse, MD. Nadim dreamed of creating innovative new toys for boys and girls that include complex features with no batteries required. After assembling an incredible team of creative designers, Ednan-Laperouse launched his brand at the 1997 London Toy Fair.

Due to the peerless engineering of WOW Toys, the company's first samples drew serious fanfare from retailers in the United Kingdom. From such humble beginnings as a small business run by a family man with a distinct vision, WOW Toys grew to become a giant among toy manufacturers. Ednan-Laperouse's dream was fully realized when the mainstream media began to chronicle the rise of WOW Toys. The company's emergence was championed by several programs on television stations in numerous countries.

Parents will be pleased to discover the wonderful developmental benefits attributed to WOW toys. Different products have been designed to solve the many developmental issues that face children from various age groups. For example, toddlers need to develop motor skills. Additionally, language and social skills help babies learn to interact with their parents and friends. Ednan-Laperouse's company releases special playthings that help kids reach these developmental milestones. WOW toys also feature brilliant colors and compelling textures to stimulate the senses.

WOW Toys offers additional products to assist older kids in their pursuit of developmental benchmarks. After the first year, kids need to focus on fine motor skills. Some WOW toys inspire children to interact with one another in exciting role-playing sessions. Such smart playthings promote creativity; kids can create imaginary worlds with WOW toys. Parents can assist their kids in the development of key capabilities by simply purchasing productive playthings. All of these amazing benefits can be achieved with no batteries required. For budget-conscious parents, this is another important aspect of WOW toys.

As a family business, Toys Etc. is proud to align with like-minded companies like WOW Toys. Toy retailers and manufacturers work hard to support parents in their challenging mission. Children are the future of mankind. In recognition of this, Toys Etc. and WOW Toys toil tirelessly to increase the productivity of playtime.

With batteries not required, WOW toys please environmentally-conscious consumers. Energy companies struggle each day to find more sustainable forms of power. WOW Toys demonstrated its commitment to environmental preservation by creating mechanized playthings that operate without batteries.

Toys Etc. seeks to take advantage of the competitive nature of e-commerce to deliver first-rate toys for girls and boys at the lowest possible prices. The company takes pride in its courteous customer service and broad range of kids' toys.

For parents in pursuit of WOW toys, Toys Etc. now offers a special web page to promote the product category. From this online portal, parents can purchase new releases using a secure ordering system. This broad selection of WOW toys includes rugged boys' toys. For the proud mothers and fathers of little ladies, Toys Etc. also provides girls' toys by WOW Toys.

Parents are encouraged to explore the wide variety of WOW toys offered by Toys Etc. As new products are released, further offerings will be made available on an ongoing basis. Since WOW Toys continues to release products with innovative new features, parents should check back frequently to stay informed.

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