Streamzoo Brings Group-based Sharing to Popular Photosocial App

Integrated filters, collage and social sharing options make Streamzoo one-stop photosharing app

Online PR News – 11-July-2013 – Sunnyvale, CA – Streamzoo, the best-in-class photosharing app, announced the v4.0 release of their application for both iOS and Android platforms. This version adds the ability for users to create private and public groups. Each group will have its own feed, group messaging, and many other features to enhance the joy of sharing. Also added was the feature to add a cover photo to further personalize user profiles.

Available today in Google Play and the Apple iTunes App Store, streamzoo v4.0 brings the ability for users to create groups and invite others to join. Groups have an owner, one or more moderators, and members. Groups can be private (only visible to members) or public (visible to all), with all group membership granted by invitation only. Owner and moderators have the ability to add or remove members and content (photos, videos) from groups. The separate group feeds allow group members to view their uploads in a closed setting, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of sharing in a open, networked environment. Many everyday photosocial users from instagram and professional/enthusiast photographers from flickr have started creating and using groups within Streamzoo. In addition to groups, users continue to enjoy Streamzoo's best-in-class features of free form cropping, filters, borders, color control and collages. Availability of all of these features in a free app makes Streamzoo the one-stop photosharing app of choice for millions of users.

"Groups are a very familiar way of organizing social connections. Photosharing is always associated with a group—you want to share the pictures from the beach trip with a group of friends, birthday party pictures with family, or the perfectly framed black and white shot with fellow photo enthusiasts. Whatever the memory or moment, photography is always meant to be shared with a group. We have made this extremely intuitive and easy," said Ram Ramkumar, CEO & Co-founder of Streamzoo. "Mobile users are looking for a way to easily share photos and videos with groups. Streamzoo makes this possible along with several features that users have come to love since our initial release. We continue to build on a strong user base."

About Streamzoo

Streamzoo is a Silicon Valley based company focused on building the best-in-class photosocial mobile application. Streamzoo helps users share, organize, and discover #streams of mobile photos and videos. Photosharing with groups using collages, six different crops, four tilt shifts, borders, filters and much more. Not only is it a photo-sharing application, but Streamzoo also allows people from all across the world to connect in a creative way and see through the eyes of others.

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