Laurette Lynn is set to guest on That Prepper Guy Podcast.

Supportive proponent of home education and host of the #1 home education podcast, Unplugged Mom, Laurette Lynn is set to guest star in an episode to get preppers to properly educate their kids in a post-collapse world.

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Online PR News – 11-July-2013 – Michigan – With the collapse of the worldwide currencies ahead of us, it's time to get ready and prepared.

Of course, as we are getting real with the fact that we need shelter from social upheaval, water to stay hydrated and be clean, and even healthy food so we can have something to eat as this collapse continues to bring the world economy to a halt.

However, how many of us have to thought to ourselves: where are my children going to go to get educated. As we already know, the education system is one of the most costly and ineffective systems out there. In fact, the education system is a flat-out joke! Are you hoping that a bloated, bureaucracy-driven school system will be there when the dollar collapses?

Probably not likely.

That's why I brought Laurette Lynn, author of Don't Do Drugs and Stay Out of School, and host of Unplugged Mom Radio. She is also a strong advocate for home education.

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