New International Travel Blog,, Goes Live

Locally-owned Groove Web Media, LLC, has embraced being "Lazy" and being a "Loafer" by recently launching their new website A Travel Related Blog geared towards finding and sharing the hidden gems in travel destinations.

Online PR News – 11-July-2013 – Santa Rosa Beach, Florida – No one wants to be thought of as “lazy” and no one wants to be called a “loafer.” Right? Well…

Locally-owned Groove Web Media, LLC, has embraced both and recently launched their new website

“We’re primarily a travel-related blog,” said founder Wes Herndon, “but with a twist. Our aim is to be informative, yet entertaining. We look for the quirky, sometimes slightly irreverent and offbeat personal travel experiences… things you cannot find anywhere else.”

As of this writing Lazy Loafer has published articles on destinations as diverse as Georgia, Minnesota, Stonehenge and even the beautiful beaches on Florida's Emerald Coast. Currently posting two to three articles each week, their intention is to eventually post new content daily. To reach this goal, they are currently seeking travel writers, photographers and videographers to contribute articles and visual content on travel-related topics.

That’s all well and good, but what’s in a name? Why would anyone want to be a “lazy loafer?”

“We’re redefining the terms,” co-founder Ken Sloan said. “Loafing refers to the things one does when traveling. If you’re on vacation, you might take a fishing trip, hit the golf course or even go on a shopping spree. These things are fun. You enjoy them. That’s what we mean by ‘loafing.’ As for ‘lazy,’ we mean doing things in the most stress-free, simple, and efficient way possible.

Herndon added, “Our objective is to gain as many unique perspectives from a variety of travelers and loafers…in other words, we want our site to be an international community project that creates entertaining ideas for other would be travelers all over the world. will be a site by travelers for travelers.”

Sloan added that some of the motivation for creating the site came from his corporate days when he was a frequent business traveler.

“I can’t tell you how many cities I went to where I never saw anything other than the airport, the conference room and the hotel. I didn’t know what kinds of things there might be to do, nor how to go about doing them, since I had a limited amount of time. I didn’t know the ‘lazy’ way to ‘loaf.’”

No more. With this site teaching us, now we can all “loaf” with the “laziest.”