Famatech has released a new version of its free scanning tool Advanced IP Scanner 2.3

Famatech, the developer of a popular remote control software, has announced the launch of the new version of the free network scanning tool, Advanced IP Scanner.

Online PR News – 11-July-2013 – Pittsburgh, USA – A new version of the fast, easy-to-use and reliable IP scanner for Windows, Advanced IP Scanner 2.3, has been released. The scanning tool allows you to collect information on the computers and devices on your network and access their various resources, whether HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or shared folders. Thanks to the integration with Radmin remote control software, Advanced IP Scanner locates all the machines running Radmin Server and connects to any one of them with a single click. It also allows you to switch computers on and off remotely.

In Advanced IP Scanner 2.3 functions have been added that simplify the task of system administrators when working with local networks: it is possible to scan RDP resources and to access them directly from the program as well as to run ping, tracert, and SSH commands on a selected computer. It is now also possible to launch the program directly from the installer with no manual installation required.

To download the new Advanced IP Scanner 2.3 and find out more about the program, please visit: www.advanced-ip-scanner.com/

About Famatech
Famatech, founded in 1999, is a world leader in the development of remote control software for desktop and server management. Famatech´s award-winning technologies enable IT professionals to provide quick, high-quality remote suppport, help-desk services and network management. Radmin is the most popular of Famatech´s products.

Famatech has been developing its Advanced IP Scanner since 2006. Each new version is rigorously tested, with beta-testers from around the world involved in the process. All suggestions as to how to improve the product are taken into account. Radmin integration significantly extends the functionality of Advanced IP and helps to make system administrator´s job much simpler.

Famatech software is used by global leaders in technology, including IBM, Sony, Nokia, HP, Siemens and Samsung, and by major telecommunications operators, government organizations, and financial institutions.