Offset Green Announces a New Online Presence

Offset Green, a firm managing and promoting carbon credits generated by Global Emissions Offset Corp (GEOC), has recently announced a new website.

Online PR News – 11-July-2013 – Canada – Offset Green new website is located at The website is created to provide information about afforestation, hybrid poplar, carbon credits, carbon aggregation.

Offset Green has been in partnership with Global Emissions Offset Corp (GEOC) for several years. GEOC is widely known to be a well reputed carbon credits aggregator located in Alberta, Canada. GEOC is an Alberta Registered Corporation that acquired the worldwide exclusive license to process and manage all carbon credit aggregation and quantification of all Carbon Credits generated from First nations, Aboriginal and Indigenous lands utilizing the QSYS platform. Offset Green offers carbon credits based on First Nations land carbon credits, aggregated by GEOC.

Offset Green has been establishing the seed stock operation for a number of years to develop and increase the potential to supply GEOC with the required amount for the potential projects. The Projects are laid out on the basis of Carbon Sequestration, and the building blocks of the whole concept of course is the sale of the carbon credit.

Merv Carlson, Sales and Marketing Director of Offset Green, had this to say about the new website: "We are excited to have this website up, we have a tremendous amount of interest in the tree packages, the afforestation projects with both First Nations and Metis, and the new website allows us to communicate what has been happening in the carbon offset arena."

The new Offset Green website will serve as an information portal for experts at both GEOC and Offset Green to share their knowledge, experiences and connect with readers who are interested in afforestation, hybrid poplar, carbon credits, carbon aggregation, protecting the environment and particularly GEOC projects and activities.

About Offset Green: Offset Green is basically a fresh program and a sector of Uppgroup Inc that was established to start the seed stock division for Offset Green, which is the sole dealer of GEOC out of Calgary.

For more information regarding the afforestation project, carbon credits, you can visit GEOC official websites: or or or contact:

Merv Carlson
Offset Green
Phone: 800-780-6029