The China government's has recently published many policies to control the house price

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Online PR News – 11-July-2013 – Beijing, China – Beijing - Recently, the central government in China has published a series of policies for the regulation of the real estate market. In this kind of situation, most of local governments in China have tried their best to responding all of these policies. Recently, the charge man from famous Beijing real estate area which name is palm springs has said that the charge men from Municipal Government and Municipal Construction Committee has devoted to decreasing the price of the house and residents in Beijing. There are many signs could shown that Beijing has published stronger policies to central controlling as well as in the implementation of price for house and resident in Beijing. However, the detailed information could be found on the website which is the best agency for the apartments and houses renting and purchasing.

From the website, there has existed the news about the reforming of Beijing real estate development. The leader has given everyone a report in the Beijing service financial institution forum. This report referred to the information that the Beijing government has put their more than 50 percent of sale revenue of land selling which is about 30 billion into the construction of affordable housing. However, if people want to have one set of apartments with high quality and reasonable price, the real estate which has been named as palm springs Beijing would be the best choice.

Since 2010, Beijing has significantly increased the scale of construction dragon bay beijing of security housing in Beijing. In this year, there would be more than 50 percent of the residential land supply which area is about 2,500 ha. It could be said that 1250 hectares of land will be used for the protection housing construction. Meanwhile, the housing provident fund loans for the building of affordable housing could be reach about 21 billion which would be used for the construction and acquisition for affordable housing and public rental housing. The expert has also said that it is also expected bring out some fund to support construction of affordable housing. However, the final statistic should be based on the specific situation to. But for now, this amount would be sufficed to public rental housing and the allocation of affordable housing.

Some experts from palm springs have also suggested that the dragon bay villa related departments should also strengthen the statistical classification of housing prices to change the former statistics method which put the housing price of normal residents and the high-end commercial apartments together. However, this method would cause the psychological burden to most of ordinary people. In the future, the government should according to the different types of housing to calculate the statistical prices which could be published to the public. This would be very important to the stability of this market and social environment.

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