Automatic Gate Wholesaler’s Solar-Powered Gate Systems Qualify for 30% Federal Tax Rebate

Environmentally-conscious customers in the market for solar-powered gate systems, operators, and accessories from Automatic Gate Wholesalers can qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Rebate.

Online PR News – 08-June-2010 – – Lodi, California (Online PR News) June 7, 2010 -- Automatic Gate Wholesalers is a premier wholesaler gate, access and accessory distributor based in Lodi California. Serving the nation for over 15 years, they offer only the highest quality automated gate systems and accessories available. According to Dave Gutierrez, manager at AGW, "Our slide gate and swing gate systems provide the high-end performance expected from our many customers at affordable prices for dealers, contractors or self-installers."

AGW has always striven to be on the forefront of the growing need for solar applications in our industry. Gutierrez also says, "Today, there's also a huge growing community of earth conscientious gate system consumers who not only want to save energy, but money as well. We want to help these customers and now there's an additional incentive." The Federal Government is rewarding consumers with a 30% tax rebate (up to $1500.00) when they buy any solar gate system or including the gate accessories. AGW is stimulating additional awareness of this Federal subsidy by creating a dedicated page on their website devoted to solar kits for those people who want to take advantage of the latest products and the associated savings. For example, if your solar gate system costs $1500.00, you’ll be eligible for a $500.00 credit on your Federal taxes for this year. "The savings doesn't stop there...with these great solar configurations the energy savings in electric consumption continues year after year," says Gutierrez.

Why AGW for your solar application? AGW has the experience and expertise to help you through the decision process. They also provide technical support to guide you through the installation, a service not often found at e-business wholesalers. In addition, they've also put some great solar gate operator packages together from their top vendors including a wide variety of solar panels and "low draw" accessories. This saves the customer the time and effort of trying to figure out how to put it all together themselves. Gutierrez adds, "Our professional and knowledgeable sales staff can help you take it step by step. We will even provide the documents you'll need to make sure you get your Federal Tax Credit. The goal is to provide you with the ease and comfort you seek, and deserve, in an important purchase like this." To find out more, go to or call them at the number listed below.

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