Phillip Meisinger Goes All In With the Launch of Empowered Lives Inc.

Phillip Meisinger, Self Made Millionaire, Entrepreneur, and Success Advisor/Speaker Goes “All In” With the Launch of Empowered Lives Inc.

Online PR News – 11-July-2013 – Malibu, California – Self Made Millionaire, Entrepreneur and Success Advisor/Speaker Phillip Meisinger recently announced that he has teamed up with Dave Wood, Dave Sharpe and other leaders in the online arena and launched Empowered Lives Inc. (

According to Phil, “Empowered Lives Inc. and Empower Network represent one of the best business opportunities in the world today. With its low price of entry, automated marketing system, and even a built-in company to close sales for you (should you so desire), there is no reason why anyone can’t succeed in this lucrative business”. Phil stated, “I hate to use clichés, but this is about as plug and play as you can get. For those of you who know me and know the way I conduct myself in life and in business, I am all about having a plan, having the systems and infrastructure in place, and executing. We have the best replicatable business plan out there, bar none. If you want to make money and help others succeed, you need to be part Empowered Lives Inc. and Empower Network and part of my team.”

Phil Meisinger has been involved in many sales and marketing endeavors throughout his life. He has been fortunate enough to make millions of dollars and affect the lives of many. Phil alluded to this fact in a recent discussion by stating, “This business is not about making money, it is about helping others achieve the abundance in their lives that they have been looking for. Trust me when I say, if you put others first, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.” Phil chuckled and went on, “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against making money, frankly its exhilarating, and this endeavor will be no different for me or my team [making money], but it can’t be your primary motivation.”

We approached Phil with the question of why Empowered Lives Inc. and Empower Network as opposed to countless other business opportunities out there, and Phil remarked, “You know for me it was all about the caliber of the product and of the management. I mean there are so many crazy get rich quick schemes out there. I really wanted something I could be proud of, show off to my family and friends, and most importantly really believe in. When I went looking for companies to invest in, for me it was about finding a company with a product that had universal appeal, and would generate incredible passion among its members. It needed to be built upon a solid foundation of proven performance, and they [the owners, founders, and managers] needed to possess a level of morality, trust, and compassion that permeated all levels of the business. If this was not the case, I wouldn’t put my name on it. I found it all in Empowered Lives Inc. and Empower Network.

When asked if there was anything else he would like to add, Phil stated, “you know, when the stars align, they align….I mean, you got the timing, the product, the management, the marketing and the compensation plan, and the vision…”

As Phil so efficiently summed it up, “Put it all together and you have quite a package.”

Phil Meisinger is the founder and president of Empowered Lives Inc, the newest member of his family of companies, and a marketing arm of Empower Network. For further information and contact details, please visit their website at