Fellowes Powershred SB-89Ci Shredder

ShredderWareHouse is proud to announce the launch of Fellowes Powershred SB-89Ci Shredder. This model is also known as the SB-89Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder, which obviously means that the user will not face any jams during paper shredding.

Online PR News – 08-June-2010 – – This highly efficient and professional paper shredder has the capability to shred up to 15 sheets in a single go, that too in 5/32” x 1-1/2” cross-cut particles, which shows how much time one can save while using this Fellowes paper shredder. The best part is that this shredder machine has been granted a Level 3 security rating, which makes it the perfect choice for those who are extremely careful about shredding documents that consist of addresses, signatures, Social Security numbers etc. What’s more is that it comes with a SilentShred technology, which eliminates all sounds and offers a silent performance for those operating in shared workspaces. Perfect to be used at home as well as at work, the best part about this Fellowes shredder is that it discontinues the shredding procedure as soon as the paper opening is touched by hand, which makes its usage exceptionally safe.
This extremely capable Fellowes shredder has the capability to shred a single sheet with a speed of 11 ft/minute, which just about shows how quick this shredder is. All sorts of staples, CDs, DVDs, credit cards, paper clips and debit cards can easily be shred while using the Fellowes Powershred SB-89Ci Shredder. This is what makes this shredder stand out amongst all other shredder machines, as not all are capable of shredding plastic items. Being a jam-proof shredder, the shredder consists of a paper overfeed indicator which indicates how many papers one is trying to shred through it. As soon as it detects an overfeed, the light turns red and a few sheets have to be removed to prevent jamming. Even if sheets get jammed, the shredders blades are powerful enough to cut through them.
The shredder is pretty modern in its design, and is perfect to place in your office. The shredding machine can easily operate for 20 minutes non-stop. But after 20 minutes, it would need to be cooled off for around 40 minutes. This Fellowes shredder comes with a waste bin capacity of about 7 gallons, and it can easily be emptied by simply pulling it out and discarding the shreds.
For more information on the Fellowes Powershred SB-89Ci Shredder, simply visit: www.shredderwarehouse.com