Speechtails.com Launches 'a la carte' Sound Menu, Parents can Select the Speech Sounds to Work On

Speechtails.com launches “A la carte” sound menu option which allows parents to have the flexibility to select the speech sounds they want their child to work on. The sounds that are selected via the “a la carte” menu will be built into an individualized lesson plan in the OnLine Speech Learning Center. The Online Speech learning center is a step-by-step alternative to speech therapy which employs a cohesive system of videos, exercises, and homework for parents to use to address the speech difficulties identified.

Online PR News – 07-June-2010 – – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 7, 2010 – Speechtails.com launches a la carte sound menu which will allow parents to select the sounds that their child needs to work on. Speechtails.com is a convenient and cost effective alternative to speech therapy which parents can use to address their children’s speech difficulties.

Speechtails.com is an all encompassing web site which can be used by parents to address their children’s speech difficulties. The Online Speech Learning Center utilizes a child’s Individualized Lesson Plan which is derived from the speech assessment or via the a la carte menu as the roadmap to correcting the speech difficulty. The combination of unique speech videos for each speech sound, daily living exercises, mouth exercises, and homework all work together to form a step-by-step learning system which the parent can use to address the speech difficulty. Speechtails.com was developed by Amy Reno, a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, with more than twenty years of experience treating children who have speech difficulties in many different settings, developed the site to help parents effectively deal with their child’s speech difficulties.

When speechtails.com launched our clients could use the speech assessment program to determine the sounds they needed to work on. Now there are two ways to get started using the Online Speech Learning center either via the assessment or now with the a la carte sound menu. Amy Reno, founder of Speechtails.com stated “we listened to feedback from Speech Language Pathologists, Pediatricians, and our clients who said often they know what sounds they need to work on and we added the a la carte menu to allow them to get started without taking the online speech assessment”.

For additional information about Speechtails.com contact Amy Reno, or visit www.speechtails.com to learn more.

About Speechtails.com:
Speechtails.com and the Speechtails OnLine Speech Learning center is a convenient and cost effective alternative to traditional speech therapy. The goal is to empower parents to address their children’s speech difficulties by providing a step-by-step learning system, resources, and tools which allow a self directed approach to addressing the child’s speech difficulties. The Speechtails.com OnLine Speech Learning Center is not Speech Therapy, however it was developed by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and utilizes common approaches used by Speech Language Pathologists, which parents can use in a self-directed fashion.

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