@MadeInTally Opens Coworking Space

@MadeInTally opens its doors to entrepreneurs in North Florida in hopes of creating a startup culture in Tallahassee.

Online PR News – 11-July-2013 – Tallahassee, FL – @MadeInTally is the new coworking space to open its doors in Tallahassee. It will change the way freelancers and entrepreneur’s alike attain further success by providing a work environment that promises to be collaborative and open. Used to working in your living room or Starbucks? Tired of talking to yourself? @MadeInTally offers the space for likeminded people to co-habitat and, in doing so, will build an entrepreneur community in Tallahassee, Florida. Located in the heart of Midtown, @MadeInTally’s address is a prime starting point for these ambitious founders.

With Florida State University so close by, many fresh and new ideas emerge every day from the minds of the many innovative professionals and students attending. Before, starting up a business was an endeavor many in Tallahassee had to delve into on their own, and with great risk. Now, with the help of @MadeInTally, the space and supplies are available, as well as the support offered by others passionate for a breakthrough in Tallahassee start ups. @MadeInTally isn’t after a profit (it’s offering desks for a low as $50/month); it’s pursuing a change.

@MadeInTally has a community feel in itself. A group of creative individuals working under the same roof with similar goals has the tendency to transform into something worthwhile-- that’s the mission of @MadeInTally. Tallahassee is begging for a startup culture that it can boast to neighboring cities and towns. It’s the perfect location with universities near by and the organic talent that they produce. With today’s economy, and technology advancement, the opportunity is now available to make the Capital City of Florida a haven for entrepreneurs and start-ups alike.