Naked Photos Are Just Wrong – New Photo Corners Apps Allow Users to Dress Up Their Photos

Corner My Photo app users can create photo masterpieces by adding beautifully designed themed photo corners for Travel, Love and Romance, Christmas, Valentines and Classic. Users can then share with email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr.

Online PR News – 09-July-2013 – San Francisco, CA – That’s what Randy Schroeder and Seb Jarakian thought when they decided to create their ever-expanding collection of free iOS photo apps (for iPhones, iPads, iPodTouch) – Corner My Photos photo corners apps.

“Photos alone are nice, but most need a little boost to make them more exciting”, Schroeder said. They studied 100s of apps, but didn’t find anything that allowed the user a way to show off their hidden talents, by matching appropriate photo corners to embellish any photo.

The Classic Edition of Corner My Photos was supposed to be first, but at the time Christmas was looming and they decided to launch a version that puts bows, ornaments, flowers, holly, and greenery photo corners onto photos. It was a huge hit and had users from all the English speaking countries first, but then they noticed users from Thailand, France, Germany, Africa, India and China.

The inspiration for the idea was Seb’s. It was reminiscent of his grandparent’s photo albums that used the black or white “lick ‘em” photo corners to hold photos in place.

Then they went one step further and added Aviary, a complete photo-editing app, which is the same one used by Flickr. Users can change colors, lightness, contrast, add stickers, text, thought bubbles, hats, whiten teeth, remove blemishes and more.

On top of all of this, they added the ability to start with a photo from the user’s library, FaceBook, Flickr, Instagram, Google search or shoot a new one.

lick ‘em

After choosing a photo, or shooting one, the user has a choice to edit it, adjust it, and make it artsy or funny. Or they can skip this step and just add photo corners.

The app can be upgraded to add 50 additional photo corner choices and eliminate all ads.

When they finish editing and cornering, they can email it, save it or post it to FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter or Flickr or share it with email.

There’s a video showing the process at:

The free version comes with the photo editing app (Aviary), 10 corners and all the features mentioned above.

The paid version is only $1.99 and unlocks 50 additional custom designed, original photo corners that match that app.

At this writing, they have 5 apps:

Corner My Photos – Christmas Edition
Corner My Photos – Valentines Edition
Corner My Photos – Travel Edition
Corner My Photos – Classic Edition
Corner My Photos – Love & Romance Edition

The list will continue to grow because people seem to love the Corner My Photos apps. They even started a Corner Club for serial “cornerers”. They will be kept up to date with the news of new apps, and be allowed to post some of their best works on the Web site: They also list their privacy policy, press they’ve received, and also a warning to help protect people from inadvertently posting photos with location data.

To see a demo of how the app works:

Seb and Randy are the owners of ApparatusApps, LLC and operate in San Francisco, CA.

About Apparatus Apps:
Apparatus Apps creates iOS apps to help unlock people's creativity using their iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch. So far, there are five unique versions - Christmas, Valentines, Travel, Love & Romance and the original - Classic. All of the apps are FREE, and can be download at the Apple iTunes App store. The apps are about having fun, being creative and sharing using email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Flickr. Also included is the Aviary photo editor, which allows users to edit photos, lighten, darken, add text, captions, hats, glasses or remove moles or whiten teeth.

Corner My Photos is the first collection of apps, inspired by the old photo album days where the lick and stick black or white corners held the photos in place ... usually.

The company launched the first app for Christmas and right away spread globally to include most all English speaking countries, but quickly spread to Thailand, France, Germany and Africa.

Apparatus Apps, LLC is a San Francisco company and has plans to continue on the same theme of unlocking people's hidden talents, which add joy to spread around the world.

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