As sailing and boating hit the shores of the Indian enthusiast, Red Gift Shop announces a new range of sailor's products that are available for sale.

Online PR News – 11-July-2013 – Delhi – July 9, 2013 | New Delhi
Red Gift Shop - India's leading gifting company - has launched a range of sailing inspired products for the Indian consumer. This range has been driven by the increasing desire of Indians to explore the vast coastline the country has to offer and the launch of many yacht dealers in India.

In most western countries which enjoy a coastline, boating and sailing activities are engaged in by a large number of people in the country. Boating is a necessity as fishing can be an important part of the livelihood of the people there. Even in India, fishing off the coast is an important source of income with the fresh caught fish finding their way to the local plates of many an Indian. Commercial fishing has been in existence for many years and transatlantic shipment of revered fish from one part of the world to another is a common practice. Many fisherman like to celebrate their livelihood by having a token at home in the form of some memorabilia. Red Gift Shop offers a sample boat in the name of The Kaps Sail Boat.

Sailing comes in the form of a recreational activity and is also an Olympic sport. Sail boats come in various sizes and even a small sail boat like a J/24 or a catamaran can be easily manoeuvred by a beginner sailor. Sailing accords its pursuers the ability to enjoy themselves on a sailboat with their friends and family. Many a family will take out there sailboat with food and drinks to enjoy in the water. There are now sail boats that allow a small barbeque while you go sailing. What is unique about sailing is the ability to be in the water without the incessant noise of a motor engine that traditional boats have. This quiet sensation of cruising through the water without much noise and effort is an exquisite feeling.

Red Gift Shop offers many memorabilia to celebrate the boating and sailing enthusiast. With a replica sail boat in the form of the Kaps Sail Boat or a mirror on your wall in the form of The Sailor's Mirror one can celebrate the joy of sailing in their homes.

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