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07/09/2013 presents its new iPhone and iPad App, available now on Apple App Store.

Online PR News – 09-July-2013 – Italy – Virtualdrumming, one of the most appreciated and visited websites for online drumming, presents its new iPhone and iPad App, available now on Apple App Store. has experienced an incredible worldwide success in the online drumming field: the website is entirely dedicated to drum-lovers and is divided in two main sections: the “game section” allows users to play online the virtual drums different sets, while in the didactical section users have the possibility to download for free drum music sheets in pdf format, both for beginners and for expert players.

The website announces now its brand new iPhone and iPad App, which will make even easier the online drumming games: as the website presents, there are five reasons why drum passionate players will love this App: first it has a cool design, then it uses a realistic animation, pro sounds, the response is really dynamic and playing is made even easier.

The App has some unique features which makes it different from any other drum App, as it is not only a mobile drum game, as even the most expert musicians can use it as a professional instrument, thanks to the high quality 16-bit uncompressed drum sounds; the App has been created by the same drummers, designers and programmers who carried out the drum games and the drum lessons included in website.

Virtualdumming App main features are: drum sticks, drums, cymbals and sticks realistic animation, fast beats and rolls with both touches and finger slides, no delay, realistic dynamic response with volume and sound adjustable levels, high quality 16-bit uncompressed drum sounds, double bass drum and double hi-hat for right and left handed people, ride cymbal with bell, realistic open and close hi-hat response, internal access to the iPod library to create a playlist and play along users’ favorite songs, the choice of five mixable bass and snare drum sounds, toms tuning, optional auto bass drum with cymbals strokes, easy and intuitive learning.

Playing drums with the App is really intuitive and easy, as users can hit drums both with single taps on them or sliding with fingers on the display. Single taps can be used to create the user’s single grooves, while sliding fingers around users can play realistic rolls, fills and solos. Headphones or external speakers may be connected to create a more realistic experience and to appreciate the sound quality.

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Written by Serena Rigato
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