Expert Bloggers Are Invited to Write Guest Posts for Site Booster

Site Booster blog requires a guest author who can write one post a week on how to blog for business and public relations. In return, such an author will be rewarded by a profile page the ranking of which will soar to the top of Google result pages in Site Booster blog making him/her well-known for the expertise.

Online PR News – 07-June-2010 – – Site Booster, a website promotion blog, has opened up to more guest authors to write on various online marketing methods. Blogging is definitely one of those methods that could deliver fabulous results if carried out properly. The experts in this field can help online business owners to a large extent.

Today business owners of all sizes from small to large companies are using blogs to promote their products and services. A successful PR campaign also largely depends on how a company launches and conducts its blogosphere.

“More and more website owners have perceived the vital role of blogging in their marketing as well as public relations. So, they need to know how they can lead a winning blogging campaign to achieve their online goals. Therefore, we have decided to expand our online marketing information in this regard by inviting specialists to write on business blogging for Site Booster blog.”, explains Rahman Mehraby, the owner of the company.

Expert authors are required to have some powerful background and attractive experience in using blogs for the purpose of website promotion or online PR. Such guest writer is invited to write one post a week for Site Booster blog.

In return, they will have a powerful profile including up to 5 links to their designated pages. Like previous authors writing for this blog, they could achieve top ranking for their key phrases at Google receiving free SEO tips on how to write.

About Site Booster

Site Booster is a website promotion company providing information on various online marketing methods to get targeted website traffic. Site Booster blog posts use non-technical language and try to keep away from using the jargons the average site owners cannot easily understand.

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