MIPOW Introduces Lightning Cable-less Portable Charger

By lightning series cable-less portable chargers MIPOW enriches Apple new generation accessory products after Apple announced that new products would be equipped with lightning instead of 30pin interface.

Online PR News – 09-July-2013 – USA – MIPOW is a comprehensive company integrated research and development, design, and manufacture into a whole. Its design and research team consists of designers and engineers domestic and overseas, who have unique vision and rich experiences. As an authorized licensee and core partner of Apple Inc, MIPOW always offers one station design, research and product services in range of products from protection to backup energy and various kinds of audio equipment connection accessories for iPhone, iPod, iPad and other devices. Now, this creative brand has cooperated with many well-known partners, such as IBM, HP, Samsung, Amazon etc.

Since founded in 2010, MIPOW has demonstrated its design concepts and styles to the World, and won several international design awards. Sold in over fifty countries, our products gear to meeting the needs of middle and high-end customers. Combining striking design with daily functionality, our products exude a sense of exclusive elegance. These have been recognized through the winning eight awards from the internationally renowned iF Design Awards and Red Dot Design Awards. Besides, we also have sixteen patents supporting our products with more pending.

Since 12 September last year, Apple has launched a series of products with lightning interface, such as iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5 etc. New interface standard meant that Apple 30pin interface, which had been used for nine years, was formally replaced. Apple fans’ old accessories became useless at the same time. However, compatible accessory products can hardly meet the needs in the market until MIPOW, which specializes in designing and producing portable chargers and possesses abundant strength, got the Apple authorization for producing lightning charger series in the first half of this year and became the 6th generation Apple accessories manufacturer. MIPOW seized this chance and launched a series of cable-less portable chargers for Apple products with lighting interface such as iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPod Touch 5, iPod Nano 7 etc. This product series include Power Tube 2600(Lightning version), Power Tube 3000L, Power Tube 4000L, Power Tube Simple 5200L, Power Cube 5200L and Power Cube 8000L, which got professional certification of Apple accessories as “made for iPhone”, ”made for iPad” and ”made for iPod” and were immediately favored by global customers.

Power Tube 2600(Lightning version) is a compact and cute portable power pack. Its elliptic body is made of colorful anodized aluminum alloy. Built-in lightning interface can directly charge Apple lightning products and female USB interface ensure the compatibility with most mobile devices. A male USB input makes recharging easy, no extra cable needed. Also, LED battery indicator can clearly display the remaining battery and charging status.

Except battery capacity (respectively 3000mAh and 4000mAh), Power Tube 3000L and Power Tube 4000L are almost same in appearance and performance. Battery indicator matches well with colorful aluminum alloy and its square column body which demonstrates simplicity and elegance. The lightning and female USB output interface applies to Apple products and other mobile devices as well. Male USB input interface is used for power storage. Furthermore, you can charge two mobile phones at the same time.

Power Tube Simple 5200L inherits MIPOW’s usual style and functions apart from the unique Bluetooth App (available at App Store for iOS only). Through the Bluetooth App, which can connect your mobile phones or tablet PCs, it allows you to read the relevant data such as remaining battery, temperature and distance.

Belonging to Power Cube series, Power Cube 5200L and Power Cube 8000L embody low profile and luxury perfectly. Their cube bodies are made by aluminum alloy. Benefiting to their huge capacity, your phones can last longer. The innovative pop-up lightning interface is convenient for charging and folding up. Built-in USB output interface guarantees compatibility with most mobile devices. Micro USB input interface is designed for power storage. 2.1A output current make it powerful enough for charging one iPad or two mobile phones simultaneously. Finally, MAC style battery indicators also make you well aware of the remaining battery and charging status.

More details can be found at MIPOW website: www.mipow.com.