Cincinnati Water Damage Company Reveals Top 7 Water Damage Causes to Homes & Businesses

Cincinnati's leading water damage, fire damage and mold remediation specialist AAA Emergency Services Inc. reveals top 7 causes that can lead to costly water damage in the home and businesses, and that can lead to a hefty remediation bill.

Online PR News – 09-July-2013 – Cincinnati, Ohio – Chief among them are:
1. Unattended leaky pipes
2. Burst pipes
3. Plumbing or sewage back-ups
4. Washing machine, dishwasher or tub overflows
5. Leaks from water heater
6. Leaky roofs or windows
7. Poor ventilation in humid climates

"There are many sources of water leaks that can cause flood water damage,” says a AAA Emergency Services Inc. water damage and remedial expert. "Many of these sources cause seepage, dripping or leaking that often goes unnoticed and unattended overtime, and that's what you would call money gong down the drain - huge water bills, and costly flood remediation," adds the source.

"The consequences? Costly external damage to furniture, floors, walls, window dressings, upholstery, carpets and clothing. Serious damage, yes, but regrettably, these could be the least of all your problems.

How to avoid these common water damage problems:

Be informed and keep an eye on common signs of possible water damage problems before they begin or get too far advanced. The real issue has to do with not paying attention to the moisture that will result from all this, and because it is something not always out in the open, overtime it becomes a serious major problem.

"Mold and rotting on the other hand," says the AAA Emergency Services Inc. mold removal expert, "are perhaps the most insidious side-effect of excess moisture in the home." Mold comes with many disguises. According to the experts, there are thousands of mold species lurking around the home, especially where there are known water and flood damages.

"If you are among the people who mistakenly associate mold with warm, damp conditions, think again. And even though mold colonies can survive low temps, the same temperature in your refrigerator interior, they also love a cold, dark, damp environment. However, make no mistake about it, most molds found in homes, have the potential to cause health problems, namely headaches, difficulty breathing, itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing, rashes, sneezing, cold symptoms, etc.

Dry rot, a fungus caused by water damage, is also identified as another accomplice. According to the AAA Emergency Services Inc. source, "it spreads like wildfire and causes wood to become stained and deteriorate."

In their fight to combat dry rot, AAA Emergency Services Inc. Flood Restorations warns homeowners to take note that dry rot is extremely aggressive. "If not caught in time, you probably will have to replace all infected materials," adds the source.

Flood Restoration speaks to a process that is employed to restore a property back to previous-water damaged condition. And no company in all Cincinnati does this better than the Cincinnati premiere water damage company AAA Emergency Services Inc. Flood Restorations.

"Water damage and mold remediation is our business, and our passion is to expertly and compassionately assist customers throughout their damage and mold remediation situations. We recognize the emotional distress you may be under as a result of water damage you suffered as a result of flooding," says the source.

Whether a home owner faces dirty black water from sewage problems, grey water or clean water flood, professional water damage restoration can help them get it all out.

"Our flood technicians will inspect your residence or business thoroughly, taking extra care to check in obscure spots as well as the obvious ones. You will not have to worry about the insurance, either. In most cases, we can bill the insurance company directly so you will not have lift a finger. Whether you have experience flooding or suspect hidden water damage," explains the AAA Emergency Services Inc. expert.

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