Block Hour Network Maintenance Agreements Perfect for Small Businesses, Says Impress Computers

Impress Computers discusses the advantages of Block Hour Maintenance Agreements vs. Traditional Maintenance Agreements

Online PR News – 08-July-2013 – Houston TX – In the past, sustained maintenance agreements were only really possible for large businesses with bucket loads of capital. They were expensive, difficult to manage, and often wasted resources. However, a new style of support is making network maintenance agreements easier to manage, more efficient, and therefore significantly more attractive for businesses of any size. This new style, headed by one of Houston’s highest rated computer companies, Impress Computers, is setup to both monitor the network for issues, and to respond immediately if any were to arise, while charging only for the time spent on the job.

This is accomplished through a slight variation in the system of payment. Instead of charging monthly like most support companies do, Impress Computers sells their time in sets of 10 block hours. Impress computers logs their time on the job, and detracts that amount from the set of 10 until the company is out. The company will then buy another block of 10 hours if they wish to continue receiving support.

The block payment system works significantly better for all businesses than a monthly payment system due to its efficiency. Instead of paying for a month in which there is a chance that little or nothing will go wrong with a network, the company instead pays for a set of hours that don’t expire until they are actually used.

This saves a significant amount of resources that might be spent on support that isn’t used. Similarly, if a company experiences a major crisis with their network in which they use more time than their monthly payment allows, they might have difficulty getting the problem resolved. With Impress Computer’s block hour system, however, the company will simply purchase another set of 10 hours and will experience no delay.

The block hours are used in 2 different ways: the first and most conventional method is the on-site usage. This is where the technician physically travels to the location in order to resolve an issue. This method uses a minimum of 1 hour from the set, but enables the tech to physically manipulate hardware if needed. The second method consists of a remote desktop connection in which a technician connects to the network and resolves the issue remotely. This method uses 15 minute increments of time, and enables Impress Computers to resolve many small issues quickly and efficiently. In the modern era of viruses and hacks that possess the potential to completely cripple a company within hours, it is vital to have a prevention support and emergency response team on call. This new system of block hours efficiently and effectively provides both to a company, and is taking the market by storm.

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