Self-Published Novel 1 Percent Clique A Bestseller in Under 60 Days

First Time Author and Marketing Professional Uses a New Genre of “Fictionality” to Bring Attention to Self-Published Work

Online PR News – 08-July-2013 – San Diego, CA – Several authors are proving that self-publishing is no longer a negative stigma, especially those reaching success using that method. First-time author and marketing professional, Misti Cain, is one of them, having achieved bestseller status with her novel, 1 Percent Clique, in under 60 days.

Cain used a mixed of social media marketing to bring attention to her novel, but says her “fictionality” marketing strategy coupled with relationship building is what she feels is creating the most success.

“Other than close family and friends, I knew no one would care that I wrote a novel,” Cain says. “To me, marketing – whether it be book sales or promoting a service – is all about relationship building. No form of marketing is ever going to beat word-of-mouth. To consistently keep consumers or customers engaged, relationships need to be established. Attending networking events, talking with people and sending out complimentary copies of the novel to select people went a long way in helping to promote my work.”

Other than close family and friends I knew no one would care that I wrote a novel

The other half of Cain’s success strategy was the novel itself. “Of course the writing has to be engaging, something people want to read; that goes without saying,” explains Cain. “However, I also incorporated what I like to call, fictionality, as the genre of 1 Percent Clique.”

The first-time author defines fictionality as a fictional novel that incorporates elements of reality. Meaning, the storyline is completely fictional; however, some of the characters, businesses and business ideas that are used fictitiously in the novel are based on real people and companies. Cain says that by featuring actual businesses in her story, she had a number of businesses ready to help support and promote her book even before it launched. This strategy even helped land her a feature story on

When asked what she envisions next for the novel Cain says she intends to continue her marketing efforts which include bringing some of the business ideas mentioned in the book to life. She also says she will begin working on the second book to 1 Percent Clique later this year.

1 Percent Clique by Misti Cain is available as an e-book and in paperback on


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