Tender Orchids at Custom-Writing.org: The Company Makes Its Office Cozier

Custom-Writing.org has purchased dozens of indoor plants to make its office look cozier.

Online PR News – 07-June-2010 – – The customers of writing companies rarely know how much time custom writers spend at their work. It is an interesting and a well paid job, but it is also a very demanding one. Any time of the day or night there is at least a slight possibility that a pressing order can emerge. So, the office of Custom-Writing.org has become something like a second home for our academic writers. That is why the administration of the company has decided to take measures to make the office less work-ish and more comfortable and cozy, just like every home – even a second home – should be.

In order to do this, the company management has decided to purchase a whole lot of different house plants. “It seems to be a strange step,” says the office manager of Custom-Writing.org., “but there’s a psychological trigger here. When you have to take care of these plants you become very much attached to your office: you feel yourself more comfortable among your wards.”

Therefore, the office of every single custom writer now features a wide range of indoor plants, from tiny palms to expensive orchids. The company’s staff manager is sure that these measures will not only make every office cozier, but will also help academic writers relax after completing a large paper thus increasing their overall efficiency.

Additional information on the events, services, and pricing policy of the company can be accessed through the live customer care center or at the http://custom-writing.org website.

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