Koyal Group Outperforms Global Equity Markets In 2013 Q1

Figures released this morning by Tokyo based Boutique equity research house Koyal Group show the company´s Private Equity Department has outperformed all major global equity markets during the first quarter of 2013.

Online PR News – 08-July-2013 – Tokyo, Japan – TOKYO, Japan -- Koyal Group’s quarterly newsletter which was today released shows that on a year by year, first quarter comparison the equity research house has generated 28% more capital growth from the global equity markets than had been generated back in 2012.

Mr Stephen Cole who is Koyal Group’s Director of Private Equity commented on the figures saying “We are always pleased to reveal we have performed better than expected and I believe these greater than expected gains can be attributed to several factors including an extremely conducive market place, and a great deal of overtime on the part of our financial analysts who have worked hard to ensure we have minimised risks and maximised our gains”.

The figures reflect a year by year comparison of revenue generated, yet the markets themselves have not seen such a drastic improvement on last years’ first quarter growth levels.

To illustrate the growth Koyal Group has achieved this quarter above and beyond market performance Koyal Group’s quarterly newsletter provides a breakdown of global market performance from Tokyo, Japan where the company is located, to the UK and the USA.
The UK FTSE 100 which yesterday closed at 6304 has seen an overall 12 month growth rate of 12% from its level of 5666 one year ago, but over this last quarter the FTSE has progressed from 6100 to 6300 points, which is only marginally above 3%, well below what Koyal Group has achieved.

In Japan the NIKKEI too has performed well moving 9% over a 12 month period and from 10,500 to 12,500 points over this first quarter, a gain of almost 20%, which maybe where Koyal Group’s most significant gains were realised. In the US the NASDAQ composite index has shown 9% growth over the 52 week period but less than 5% growth over the first quarter of 2013. Overall, conducive market conditions have been capitalised upon throughout this first quarter across the worldwide markets, to achieve strong capital growth for Koyal Group’s private equity department, but in conjunction with outstanding decision making.

Mr Joseph Samuels Jnr, Koyal Group’s Head of Principle Investments also commented on the announcement saying “This is what we are expected to achieve as an equity research house, and I am confident that despite several global indices trading high we will report similar figures next quarter”.