The Revenue of Canterbury Services Soars from $30 Million to $115 Million With The Help of Business

BusinessNET has helped Canterbury Services increase their revenue by $85 million in the past five years through their relentless efforts and marketing support. BusinessNET is a highly reputed lead generation and marketing company.

Online PR News – 07-June-2010 – – (Brisbane-Australia) In the latest case study on one of their top clients Canterbury Services, BusinessNET proudly announces a massive increase in the revenue of their client in the past five years. Canterbury Services has increased its revenue by $85 million within a short period of five years. In 2005 when Canterbury Services approached BusinessNET to generate leads, increase sales and increase profits, their revenue was $30 million per annum. After their long-term relationship with BusinessNET, this company has seen a tremendous increase in their sales and increase in profits.
Canterbury Services is a property development and marketing company that has been operating since 1980. As of 2005, their revenue was $30 million and their sole advertising strategy was based on newspaper advertising. Their advertising efforts generated a maximum of two leads per advertisement. Though this company offered the best services, their lead generation strategy was very week. All their competitors created websites to adapt to the changing customer trends. Canterbury Services has always been apprehensive of taking their business online due to the fear of the expenses involved and the maintenance difficulties.
However, after their collaboration with BusinessNET, this company’s revenue graph started rising at an unprecedented speed. Today the revenue of Canterbury Services is $115 per annum just after their five years of collaboration.
When Canterbury Services approached BusinessNET, they evaluated the sales process of the company and determined the goals of Canterbury services. With a clear understanding of the business model of Canterbury Services, BusinessNET spearheaded with the creation of an integrated website that is to help Canterbury Services with their lead generation. Besides setting up a stunning website for Canterbury Services, BusinessNET also took care of traffic generation for the website they created for Canterbury Services and thereby providing them a highly comprehensive online marketing solution. Through their consistent and highly strategic efforts, BusinessNET over the years has increased the sales levels. By completely managing the day to day marketing needs of Canterbury Services BusinessNET saves the company from all the marketing hassles. This gives Canterbury Services more time to take care of their customers and serve them better. BusinessNET generates leads for Canterbury Services and sends them a steady stream of prospective customers week after week paving the way for the long-term success of the company. For more information on this case study please visit$85-million.html and to know more about the services and how they can generate leads please visit

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