All Diaper Cakes Introduces 'All-Star' Sports-Themed Diaper Cakes

All Diaper Cakes introduces the "All Star" Sports Themed Diaper Cake as a Limited Edition addition to the company's line of themed diaper cakes.

Online PR News – 07-July-2013 – Utica, Illinois – To welcome home the sweet baby boy, All Diaper Cakes introduces the "All Star" Themed Diaper Cake to their collection of themed based unique diaper cakes designs.

The baseball design is perfect for the "Lil All Star" by offering an "All Star" bloomer by Ruggesbutts, baseball onesie, organic baseball rattle and decorative sports themed ribbons.

The base of the diaper cake is constructed using 72 Eco-friendly diapers by The Honest Co. arranged in four tiers to resemble an actual tiered cake.

Each exquisite layer is topped with bright red crinkle cut paper shreds to add the look of frosting. A baseball rattle is included on the top of the confection as a finishing touch.

Themed Diaper Cakes continue to be very popular among baby gift shoppers and are commonly used as the baby shower centerpiece and also great gift ideas to bring the new parents in the hospital or at baby's first visit at home to welcome the new addition. "The Sports Themed Diaper Cake is a seasonal theme that adds to the popularity of unique diaper cakes. It's an affordable and unique baby gift for the new parents expecting a new baby," stated Laura Lenhausen, owner of All Diaper Cakes.

Each and every diaper cake purchased through All Diaper Cakes are professionally wrapped in white tulle and offered a personalized gift message. Each is handcrafted and shipped within the United States.

The mom can easily disassemble all the baby diaper cakes as every Eco-friendly diaper is organic and usable. With the inclusion of "All Star" bloomers, baseball onesie and baseball rattle, the new parents can dress the baby for the big game.

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