Charles Bim Singapore Reveals Revolutionary Internet Marketing techniques and in an online forum

Internet Marketing visionary Charles Bim harness the power of the Internet to accelerate your
business and utilizing amazing techniques to be able to reach page one in search engine
ranking in under minutes.

Online PR News – 08-July-2013 – 07/07/2013/Singapore – Online business marketing guru Charles Bim voted the best Internet Marketing consultant in an online survey
taken here in Singapore and shared top-secret strategies that will allow business owners to see their brand go up
the highest position in search engine results at minimum effort – and with the new ranking showing up in just a
few minutes. Bim led an intensive tutorial is especially designed to help business owners, online marketers and
digital professionals get free traffic and capture leads to the Big Idea Mastermind and other affiliate programs;
it is likewise highly relevant and applicable for marketing any other brand across all industries. The step-bystep
process on how to get free traffic using press releases was detailed through a presentation by leading
marketing consultant Michael Taggart.
“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get ongoing targeted traffic? To live wherever you want in
the world? To have money flowing in daily at $100, $1,000 or $5,000 a day, whether you work or not?” says
Bim. “Then you should start to diversify your income streams in 2013.”
According to Bim, having only one source income in Singapore is a “highly risky” route, as shown by the
recent economic crisis that shook the world and tested the confidence of the regularly employed, average salary
earner. He believes that the only way to ensure financial stability in Asia is to look for multiple income streams,
which is just what Big Idea Mastermind can help provide, one of the highest paying and most celebrated
affiliate programs on the Internet, provides. In order to fully maximize the 100% commissions on multiple bestselling
information and training products offered by Big Idea Mastermind, members are encouraged to work on
being the best marketing professional and master the sharpest marketing tools and strategies today.
For Bim, one of the most winning weapons of most successful marketers is their PR expertise. He believes
anyone with a solid product knowledge can already be considered as a branding expert, and the right PR
strategy can cover the most crucial concerns business owners face - and willing to teach the most cutting edge
techniques if they are willing to work with him: resolving Google issues such as Penguin and Panda updates
and the switch to Google localized searches, ensuring effective promotion and branding campaigns, conducting
reputation management, attracting relevant traffic, among others, including resolving “problems even if you
don’t know what the problems are.”
Bim and guest Taggart (more popularly known as Michael X in online marketing circles) demonstrate a
surprisingly simple, yet proven highly foolproof way to harness the power of the press release. “My goal is to
ensure your success and a flow of traffic to your websites,” Bim says.
The incredibly impressive live demo showed, in real time, how Bim used a very special SEO-oriented process
to write and publish a press release. Almost automatically after the release was posted online, it ranked top 1 to
3 for all the keyphrases they are promoting. Social media sites instantly went all abuzz once the unbelievable
results were revealed.
Bim, however, says the demonstration is just a glimpse of how business owners and Internet marketing
professionals can get started towards the credibility and exposure they’re after. For “high quality, high
converting, authority positioning, credibility engineering targeted traffic” that Bim creates for his clients and
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