Active brain helps prevent dementia

A newly conducted research has revealed that active reading habits can help prevent dementia at old age.

Online PR News – 06-July-2013 – Lehi, Utah – A recently conducted research has revealed that those with active reading habits are less likely to suffer from dementia and other forms of brain diseases in old age. Mental challenges of lifetime lead to a decline in the functioning of the brain and cause dementia in many old people. the risk of dementia can be lowered by a great extent by practicing proper reading habits. Exercise and balanced diet also aid a lot to these.

The old brain depends on what we are habituated of doing in life. The researchers also answered questionnaire on various other details such as whether they read books, wrote letters and took part in other activities to stimulate their brain during childhood, adolescence and later life. Their brains were examined thoroughly after death to see for evidences leading to the physical signs of dementia such as lesions and plaques in the brain. The study came to a conclusion that the ones who were habitual of reading had a more than 15% slower brain decline rate than the others who did not. Therefore, the researchers at the Rush University Medical Center, Chicago said that proper exercise of the brain during their lifetime is necessary to maintain a proper brain health through in old age.
Examining the donated brain tissue shed more light on the how mental activity provide a level of cognitive reserve thus helping the brain resist the damage from various brain diseases. It was said that more research would be needed to get a better data on it. However, it was concluded that a good deal of mental activity directly helps in preventing brain decline at old age. Therefore, solving crosswords, reading books or writing and getting involved in other forms of reading activities greatly help in reducing dementia at old age. For more information,