Moving Company Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary: Mover Rate is On the Rise, Entrepreneurs Thrive

A moving company's success correlates with the rise in the national number of people moving, and gives hope to other entrepreneurs.

Online PR News – 06-July-2013 – Columbia SC – COLUMBIA, S.C. – A local moving company is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, flourishing in correlation to the steady rise in moving statistics.

Gentlemen Movers Inc., owned and operated by Robert Mayre, is in its 11th year and continues to see business success, in spite of the country's struggling economy. The Census Bureau reports that the number of Americans moving in 2011-2012 rose 0.4%, or by 1.4 million moves, from the historically low number of movers in 2010-2011. “Everything is on the up and up,” says Mayre.

The Census Bureau measures reasons for moving based on housing, family, employment, and other, with "housing" being the most common reason. Mayre stresses that his company continues to provide for the “pattern of demand that the community needs.” He states that such services can range from moving local college students into a dormitory to moving the elderly into a retirement home.

Whether one is upsizing or downsizing, or transitioning between major life events like death of a loved one or divorce, Gentlemen Movers Inc. takes "pride in helping the community move in a time of quite possible transition to a new frontier…to a better place," says Mayre.

Mayre says his company is eager to assist in any way it can by offering that extra care and sensitivity. “Moving day is stressful”, Mayre states. “We aim to be very accommodating and reasonable”.

When asked about the company’s legacy over the last 10 years, Mayre states that his most profound achievement is that the company is owner operated and managed because this sets a powerful example for his children, as well as other small businesses seeking to grow and become successful.

Mayre takes pride in the relationship he has been able to build with the local community. “Our A grade with the Better Business Bureau has gone a long way with establishing good relationships with the community.” Gentlemen Movers, Inc., has given beneficial aid in relocation for big names such as Capitol Bank, the Salvation Army, the Kidney Foundation, and the Veterans Administration.

Mayre started out with only two men and a moving truck, and has grown to maintaining eight full-time employees and several moving trucks. The backdrop to his success has been a decade fraught with national disturbance, low employment rates, and economic crisis. And still, he has managed to come into his 11th year on a trend of continual growth and success.
“We are living out the American dream," says Mayre.

Mayre looks forward to his next 10 years in business as he moves towards new goals like branching out towards the Midwest with a franchise model, and owning and operating mobile attics.

About Gentlemen Movers

In 1993, Robert Mayre brought his vision to life by establishing his business. He handpicks his employees based on their clean backgrounds. He maintains his business by ensuring that his employees are free of substance abuse by providing routine drug tests.
His company specializes in residential and commercial moving.

They are able to move items beyond standard furniture including pianos, spas, and other large items that require care in handling. Specializing in short-notice and interstate moves, Gentlemen Movers currently services South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina.

For more information about hiring Gentlemen Movers or establishing a possible franchise with this company, go to or call (803) 782-0063.