Nick Tangorra to play a free show at Jones Beach July 9

A FREE performance by Nick Tangorra at Jones Beach this Tuesday

Online PR News – 06-July-2013 – Jones Beach, NY – A FREE performance by Nick Tangorra at Jones Beach this Tuesday

Media Contact:
Bridget O'Brien

Location: Jones Beach Field 4 Bandshell NY
Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 7:30pm

Free parking after 6pm

General Admission standing room only, lawn/beach chairs encouraged.
(No ticket required just show up)
VIP/Premium seating packages available go to for details

About Nick Tangorra - Lead Vocals
Twitter: @nicktangorra

Nick Tangorra, 15, may be young but he has been making music for a long time. At the age of 6, he played with his bongo while his brother Rafe played drums in a traveling Colombian Folk band. As fate would have it, the bandleader soon discovered Nick’s ability to sing and before long, Nick was front and center leading the band. He began singing songs in styles ranging from salsa and meringue to Latin. Funny thing was, all the songs were sung in Spanish, “A language I didn’t even understand!” Audiences took notice and Nick quickly realized that, “I really loved to sing and perform in front of people!”

From there, Nick persuaded his parents to allow him to try his luck in musical theater. He landed his first audition for a role in the show “Bye Bye Birdie”. Over the next few years, Nick participated in over 50 community theater productions.

Nick was recruited to move to Los Angeles to begin training with some of the best vocal and dance coaches in the industry. He was fortunate to have been taught by such giants as NappyTabs, Jamal Simms, Lindy Robbins, Steve Kipner and Toby Gad just to name a few.

Upon returning to his hometown of New York, his brother Rafe proposed starting a new project, and the “Nick Tangorra” band began. Nick and Rafe started out by performing at small shows and local parties. Then, just as had happened before, Nick’s voice, stage presence and love for performing began attracting a lot of attention. Nick’s loyal fan base has been growing rapidly and calls themselves “Fangorras”.

Nick and Rafe brought friend and guitarist Will Ahrens into the group and have been very busy writing and recording for their debut album due out in February. They have been performing sold out shows. The three boys are very excited for all the opportunities they are receiving and the big events they already have planned.

Nick is living his dream and knows he owes it all to his fans. He loves all of his supporters and wants them to know that he is working hard for THEM! “My fans are my life” he says, “I owe it to them to be the best I can be and I am so glad that WE are on this journey together!”

About Rafe Tangorra - Drums / Musical Director
Twitter: @rafetangorra

Rafe Tangorra actually began playing drums at the age of four when his maternal grandmother bought him his first set of drums. “He never stopped playing and I thought my daughter was going to kill me!” she recalled. Rafe dreamed of playing in a rock band and actually got close to some big time bands when he was young. His father who worked on security with performing artists would often bring him along to events. Rafe recalls not only being stage side but once being invited to sit on a major recording artist kit for a sound check.

At 11 years old, Rafe found the person whom he considered to be his best teacher, Foncho Castellar, who was teaching music out of the back of a barber shop in Queens. “He taught me how to play with feeling and rhythm which I feel is something you can’t learn just by reading music”’ Rafe says, “I learned how to play by ear and got performance experience because I also played out with Foncho most every weekend all around New York.”

To this day, Rafe is a much sought after drummer that many artist desire both on session playing and live events. He has had the privilege to play drums with artists such as Richie Cannata of Billy Joel, Paging Grace, Mathew Zeiss, Trish Torrales and the Premier, and the Como Brothers Band. Rafe is the driving force of “Nick Tangorra”. Rafe not only provides the rock solid tempos of the band but also has been acting as promoter, producer and business manager.

About Will Ahrens - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Twitter: @willahrens

Will Ahrens, born and raised in Long Island, New York, began his musical career at the age of 11. Will first picked up the keyboard but eventually gravitated toward guitar. Will attributes much of his playing ability to his continual participation in the worship band at his church since the age of 12. Will says "having to learn 5 new songs every week for Sunday really makes you work and pushes your abilities." At 13 years old, Will began his musical studies with Mike Flyntz, guitarist of the renowned American band 'Riot'. The following years, Will began playing local showcases with several bands, finding his place as the songwriter, lead guitarist, and often times lead singer in each group. Will also discovered his passion for producing and has recorded many artists at his home recording studio 'Wilson Bay Studios'.

In October 2008, Will established his band 'Theory 47'. The band independently recorded and released 3 full-length studio albums over the span of 4 years, each followed by a tour at local venues. In January 2012, Will joined 'top 40' rockers, 'Paging Grace'. Will and Rafe quickly became good friends, leading Rafe to ask Will to sit in at a show with his brother Nick Tangorra. His debut performance with the band was at the Walt Whitman Mall of Huntington, New York. "Both the friendship and musical chemistry between the three of us is awesome!" Today, Will continues to write, and sometimes produce, songs with Nick and Rafe. "The future looks bright!"

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