New York City Mold Removal Company Adds NYC Asbestos Removal Division for NYC Environmental Services

A prominent NYC mold inspection and mold removal company, Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc., recently added certified and professional asbestos removal services to their growing list of environmental services they already provide.

Online PR News – 05-July-2013 – NYC,NY – As asbestos removal has been one of the more toxic of environmental services known by most people, the specialized and rigorous training and certification courses required to handle the toxic substance is not as popular for most environmental service business owners. From the actual courses and training to the asbestos removal equipment, to the high risk safety factors of this particular service, most environmental businesses typically do not want to deal with such hazardous materials as the health risks versus monetary reward is not worth it in most environmental service provider’s eyes.

Due to the experience and equipment required to properly test for and remove asbestos, in culmination with the high demand for this particular service in NYC, has prompted Five Boro Mold Specialist to add NYC asbestos testing and NYC asbestos removal services to their already long line of professional environmental services. Moty Katz, the director of Five Boro Mold Specialist recently stated in a phone interview, “We have been very busy with assisting residents with Hurricane Sandy mold relief services, we have been discovering many of these homes and buildings have very old building components that are made of asbestos. This is very concerning to say the least as asbestos is a very serious matter and causes some very detrimental health conditions and even death. Due to this fact, we decided to go ahead and re-open our asbestos testing and asbestos removal services as we have over twenty years of a wide scope of NYC environmental services, NYC asbestos removal being one of the very first services we provided. As the demand for environmental services is now coming to light in NYC due to Hurricane Sandy, we feel this is the perfect time to help rid NYC of as much asbestos as possible.”

As NYC is experiencing some of the worst environmental hazardous conditions ever, Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. has been proactively assisting residents of NYC with professional NYC mold inspection and mold removal services, lobbying for additional environmental support with officials, along with creating a special Hurricane Sandy Mold Relief Fund for low income residents of NYC struggling with toxic mold problems in their homes, apartments, condos, and buildings.

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