Push Pickens Plan Has Renewed Its Long Standing Relationship With Simon Shainberg

The 5 million member Push Pickens Plan will continue to work with Simon Shainberg as its NY district leader to provide implementation of its alternative energy strategies and objectives.

Online PR News – 05-July-2013 – New York – NYC - Push.PickensPlan.org has renewed its long standing relationship with Simon Shainberg.

Simon Shainberg announced his decision to renew his District leadership in New York with the T. Boone Pickens , Push.Pickensplan.org.

Simon Shainberg has been involved in alternative energy systems since 2004 and has been a corporate executive and consultant since 1984. Since 2009 Mr. Shainberg has been a District leader in New York State for the Pickens Plan. He has toured the State as well as country promoting the use of alternative energy systems as well as natural gas. Mr. Shainberg will continue to share a collaborative working relationship, exploring new ways to innovate within the alternative energy industry.

The Push.PickensPlan.org has over 5 million members and has long been a distinguished source of content for their members. The internet has dramatically increased the awareness of alternative energy.

The Pickens Plan has been at the forefront of natural gas as the main alternative to importation of foreign oil as well as new applications, including retrofitting trucks with natural gas engines.

Simon Shainberg is currently working on his latest alternative energy project which involves water treatment for the Hydro-fracking natural gas industry.

Pickens NY District leader website: http://push.pickensplan.com/profile/simonshainberg

Company Website: www.jfkoilterminal.com

Press Contact: jshainman@gmail.com