Drink pure water to avoid diseases

Australia, July 5 2013: Are you really healthy and fit? Do you believe that if you are looking healthy then your body is in a healthy state?

Online PR News – 06-July-2013 – Southport – Most of you would definitely answer yes, but as per the recent reports and research, you would be surprised to know that your drinking water can also make you seriously ill and prone to deadly diseases. Your health is always at a high risk if you are still drinking the unfiltered water, which looks clean but contains dissolved chemicals that can affect your immune system. Do not compromise the health of your loved ones as Aeon offers water filters that can provide you with purified water for remaining healthy. Australian and American water filters are also sold by Aeon in order to save you from microorganisms, which cause Giardia, Mengenitis, Cryptosporidium, Hepatitis as well as chemical contaminants. Backed by an experience of 21 years in the water industry Aeon understands the importance of a family and therefore strives to keep them safe all the time. You can definitely drink unfiltered tap water which might appear to be clear to your naked eyes but in reality would work as a slow poison for your health.

Alkaline water filters, reverse osmosis water filters, shower filters, water chillers, fridge filters, house filters, motorhome and caravan filters- Aeon has solutions for filtering water in every possible manner before it reaches your body. Not only drinking water but impure shower water can also cause severe skin diseases due to the dissolved minerals and chemical components. You can even fight your signs of ageing and poor health with oxygenated alkaline water from Aeon. If you are confused as which water filter to choose for your home then you can even refer to the product selection guide offered on the website in order to understand the benefits and importance of every filter. Water filters Australia offered by Aeon is available in several models which are convenient and quick to install.

About the Company: Set up in 1990 in Queensland, Australia Aeon has widely served a number of clients and has always tried to offer safe and healthy filtered water. The water filtration products offered by the firm are backed by a lifetime warranty and you can easily seek for the professional advice by simply giving them a phone call at any time. All the products are offered at wholesale prices so you would surely not find the filters at such lesser price anywhere else except Aeon. You can even place your order for the preferred water filtration cartridges online absolutely free of charge. The firm even ensures to remind you regarding the filtration change at the appropriate time so that you do not have to compromise with your family’s health.

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