Global Citizen Forum (GCF) "Going Global @ London"

Leaders of society advocate the need for Global Citizenship
GCF Founder Dr B K Modi conferred ‘Ambassador for Peace’ Award

Online PR News – 05-July-2013 – London UK – June 30, 2013. A conference on the theme Going Global@London, was held today at the Dorchester Hotel. The conference was organized by Global Citizen Forum and prominent speakers at the event included global citizens like Gopichand Hinduja, Chairman, Hinduja Automobiles, Lord Raj Loomba, Prof. Olinga Ta’eed, Director CCEG, Tommy Hutchinson, Founder i-genius and Steve Moore, CEO, Britain’s personal best. The conference was well attended by leaders from all walks of life including academicians, youth leaders, social thinkers and artists.

Another highlight of the conference was the felicitation of GCF Founder, Dr BK Modi by the United Peace Federation (UPF) with an ‘Ambassador for Peace award’ for his international contribution to society. The award was presented by Robin Marsh, Secretary General of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and Barry Gardiner MP, Member of the UK Parliament.

The event was supported by the Centre of Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance. Speakers at the conference discussed the ways and means for uniting like-minded citizens across the globe to promote tolerance and understanding. They opined that technology can be effectively used as a binding factor in uniting global citizens and should be now considered as basic human right and advocated free movement among countries to encourage sustainable development.The conference attempted defining a road map for British youth, on how best to use the advantages they have as native speakers of the most widely accepted language of the world to grow as professionals of the global workforce.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi (Founder, GCF and Chairman, Spice Global), said that “Individuals and organisations need to align their activities to achieve the greater good of humanity, only then can we affectively resolve local and global problems. Hence, there is an urgent need to transcend the barriers of gender, nationality and religion and form a global identity that accepts all humans with equanimity. GCF is an initiative to promote such an awareness.”

Commenting on the initiative of Global Citizen Forum, Mr. Gopichand Hinduja, Chairman, Hinduja Automobiles, said, “Individual activities are increasingly interdependent on other happenings around the globe and there is an urgent need to use this interconnectivity to work to resolve problems affecting the planet.”

The conference was followed by a cultural evening and pledging of support by the distinguished guests including Charlie Webster, GP Hinduja, Lakshmi Mittal and to the Global Citizen Forum movement for creating a world interconnected through technology.


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About Global Citizen Forum
Global Citizen Forum (GCF) is registered in Singapore as a not for profit organisation and will be opening a global office in London. The prime objective of GCF is to facilitate creation of a global society without boundaries of religion, ideology or geography. Global Society and the role of a Global Citizen is a pressing need in today’s day and age the world has become a global village, and technology has facilitated meaningful dialogue on political, economic and social issues concerning the planet at large.

GCF seeks to bring together global leaders and experts in the field of business, economics, human rights, social service, administration, arts and others on a common platform that can deliberate upon issues that affect youth across the globe and in ‘top-down’ effect attempt to suggest amendments to existing laws and cultural practices that are beneficial to the development of future generations in the long run. An increase in membership complimented by the recognition of the forum by other Social organizations and countries in the future will make the GCF a catalyst for positive change and action on issues that concern the planet.

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