SinoTech Group Announces Partnership with Astrix

SinoTech Group Announces Partnership with Astrix; A Leading Japan's Online Advertising Solutions Provider

Online PR News – 07-June-2010 – – BEIJING, China, June 5th, 2010— SinoTech Group and Astrix Corporation in Tokyo today announced a partnership where Astrix will be SinoTech Group’s first Japanese distributor of it’s digital marketing technologies.. Under this partnership, Astrix will market advanced performance marketing platforms such as social media monitoring and search marketing technologies for Japanese companies wanting to exploit digital marketing either in Japan or abroad.

“Major Global companies in China are already turning to SinoTech Group for use of their innovative digital marketing platforms. It is a milestone for our company to now be in a position to take these tools to a new territory in this strategic partnership. We are honoured and privileged to work with Astrix, a highly respected and creative company, as we enter the market in Japan”, said Dr Mathew McDougall, CEO for SinoTech Group.

"This is a terrific market opportunity for Astrix – Japan is the second largest online advertising market in the world, and this partnership will enable us to bring innovative technologies such as social media monitoring to Japan. Partnering with SinoTech Group will allow us to offer powerful, measurable and trackable digital marketing platforms to our large customer base of travel and hospitality companies and brands," said Amanda Fulton, Managing Director of Astrix. "Japanese companies are already turning to online advertising and are keen to adopt more advanced ways of determining social sentiment, search (marketing) to sale metrics and more effective uses of affiliate marketing”. “It is the truly integrated digital marketing approach that will provide our clients with most effective marketing outcomes” added Ms Fulton.