Medismo launches World's 1st Physician E-detailing App for Windows Tablets

Medismo e-detailing add-on provides doctors with all the information that a traditional sales rep could provide, in addition to alerting them to a wealth of Audio-Visual resources which can be consumed and interpreted easily.

Online PR News – 05-July-2013 – Chennai/Tamil Nadu – Chennai - India. Medismo E-detailing on Windows tablet gives users a flexible and fully customizable solution to suit your organization’s eDetailing and CLM requirements. Now add the wow-factor to product demonstrations with interactive multi-media content on Windows Tablets. Target customers with customized presentations to suit their individual needs, save on costs of creating and promoting printed material and improve process with our sales analytics and MR reporting software. To get information about E-detailing and MR reporting software visit the website at

Highlights of the Windows tablet based E-detailing software:

• Save costs by 50% compared to traditional printed detailing.
• Make instant changes to your presentations with the help of the inbuilt document library
• Freshly updated documents can be "Pushed in Real-time" from Head Office to all Reps.
• Analytics tool allows you to store and present valuable data collected during sales-calls.
• Improve engagement with Physicians call after call.
• Connects with Online Knowledge Library for anytime on-demand physician access.
• Benefit from Windows Tablet's smooth page transitions & flawless touch responsive screen to make an impact.
• Our in-house designers can produce compellingly interactive & engaging eDetail content.

Mr. Victor, SFE Consultant at Medismo commented - "E-detailing has greatly improved the communication between Doctors and Sales Reps. The best part is that communication can be customized to the behavioral habits of Medical Reps target physicians."

All e-details are tracked in real-time for evaluating relevant data such as number of visits carried out by representative, by date, by geography, by doctor and specialty, by visit duration, by feedback from doctor, queries and objections made etc. With Online Knowledge Library; Doctors can find medical resources quickly, get answers to their queries fast, and spend more time doing what you do best - treating patients.

Why we have chosen Windows tablet for improving Pharma SFE?

Medismo E-detailing App is already available on Android and iPad. But we see great opportunity in Windows tablet platform. For an example the Dell Latitude 10 has a 20-hour battery life, which should be attractive to Medical Reps who travel within and outside city that can take 12 hours or longer. According to a recent review, the iPad's battery lasts 12 hours and can be easily be replaced by users; which isn't possible in iPad. Moreover, Pharma Company IT Department can apply the same skills and tools they use for setting up and maintaining Windows-based PCs and laptops. To know more about E-detailing for Tablets/Laptops visit the website at

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