Integrity Racing League Announces The Buttkicker Rookie of the Year Sponsorship

The Integrity Racing League Pro Powder and Paint Silverado Racing Series announces a sponsorship deal with Buttkicker, the maker of the Gamer2 to sponsor the series Rookie of the Year program.

Online PR News – 04-July-2013 – Quinton VA – Integrity Racing League announces a sponsorship agreement with Buttkicker to sponsor the iRacing league's 2013 Rookie of the Year competition. The league competes in the Pro Powder and Paint Silverado Series throughout a 36 week season on the iRacing service. The league events are hosted each Saturday evening at 9:35pm EDT. Twenty of the races are broadcast on ETV, with the next broadcast occurring on July 27, 2013 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The sponsorship agreement with Buttkicker also provides a 10% discount for fans of the Integrity Racing League. Visit and enter promo code IRL10 during checkout to receive 10% off any BK-GR2, BK-SK, or BK-GR2-PE product. Offer expires 12/31/2013.

About Integrity Racing League

Integrity Racing League is a league designed around the iRacing Simulated MMORPG. IRL was founded in 2012 by Jacob Fyfe and Michael Dewell, who's soul purpose was to create a friendly atmosphere of racing with friends, old and new.

Since the inception, IRL has grown in member count with members returning each and every week ready to go side by side with minimal cautions and intense racing action. Most members have been here since the dawn, and new members are coming in weekly.

Our pride and joy is our Silverado Series, which is a Saturday Night Fixed truck series. Practice starts at 7pmCST/8EST, with the races following roughly an hour and a half later. Most races are broadcasted via eTV!

Our new series is the Mazda MX5 series, which opens the door to short track road racing. This new series is on Friday Nights, 8pmEST, with an hour of practice and short 40-50 lap races, caution free every week!

For more info on how to join, please visit

About The Buttkicker Gamer2

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