CULT OF MIRRORS Free Kindle Read July 15- July 16, 2013

Author and attorney Chomi Prag's novel CULT OF MIRRORS out now on Amazon. Free Kindle copy July 15 through July 16, 2013!

Online PR News – 04-July-2013 – Milwaukee, WI – HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Author and attorney Chomi Prag's novel CULT OF MIRRORS out now on Amazon. Free Kindle copy July 15 through July 16, 2013!

CHERYL PRAETUM is a young attorney who lands the case of a lifetime when DANIEL BLOOM retains her services to file a standard consumer bankruptcy case. Cheryl discovers Daniel signed a loan document borrowing $3,000 from a large private university to attend their school. Upon further investigation Cheryl realizes the university never gave Daniel the $3,000 he borrowed. Cheryl divulges this fact to Daniel and he decides to file suit against the school in bankruptcy court to discharge the so called student loan.
The university is extremely threatened by the suit because if Daniel wins he would open the door to a retroactive and present day class action and the school would lose millions of dollars. But deals made behind closed doors between the large political organization and the judge prevents Daniel from obtaining fair treatment in court. Cheryl and Daniel are ridiculed by the bankruptcy judge and lose thereby causing Daniel to file an appeal to the federal district court, where things don’t fare any better. The district court judge assigned to Daniel’s case used to sit on the bankruptcy court and is good friends with the lower judge. The district judge tries his hardest to stop Cheryl from pursuing Daniel’s suit against the MIDWEST SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, but when his underhanded tactics of bullying don’t work he sanctions Cheryl and Daniel to pay a fine of $82,000 to Midwest’s attorney. Cheryl and Daniel contemplate filing a further appeal to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.
Cheryl is devastated by the loss and realizes Daniel can only get the amount of justice he can afford, which amounts to nothing. At this time a friend from the past, TRAVIS MANNING, re-emerges into Cheryl’s life asking for help with his deceased mother’s estate. Travis introduces Cheryl to a new and legal designer drug called bath salts, under the false pretense that it is an all-natural substance that will help her relax and relieve her stress. Soon Cheryl becomes dependent upon the bath salts and Travis’ emotional support to deal with the aftermath of the district court’s decision. Travis and Cheryl begin a sexual relationship and he divulges to Cheryl that he sold his soul to the devil. She doesn’t know whether to take him seriously or not.
Soon Cheryl begins to see strange images and apparitions of demons and spirits around her while in Travis’ presence. A clandestine group of people go to Travis’ house when Cheryl is uninvited. The few friends of Travis’ that Cheryl meets are strange, spooky people with tight lips that speak very little. Cheryl feels a negative, ominous and evil presence surrounding her. She attributes this presence to either or both the bath salts and Travis so she attempts to stop communication with Travis. In return for trying to break free a group of people start following Cheryl around. They take pictures of her in public. Her cell phone starts turning on by itself and won’t turn off. Cheryl feels a spirit watching her every move. There is an uncontrollable compulsion that pushes her back to Travis and upon her return an extremely frightening supernatural event occurs. The police force Cheryl to be admitted to a mental hospital where she is later released. Cheryl continues to experience a high level of harassment and surveillance by a gang of unknown people that stalk her relentlessly. The police refuse to assist Cheryl against this group of people. She suspects law enforcement are also part of this group.
Cheryl hires a private investigator who finds a GPS tracking device on her car as well as an eavesdropping device at her office and surveillance monitoring at Cheryl’s parent’s house, where she lives. Cheryl’s parents offer little support to fight against the people who are spying on and harassing her so she slips back into the hands of Travis and they resume a sexual relationship. Cheryl feels compelled to get away from Travis but can’t no matter how hard she tries.
She reaches out to an old law school friend TIM CAREY for help. Tim comes to visit Cheryl and upon his arrival the gang stalking and surveillance stop. So does her contact with Travis. But Tim has to go back home to the east coast to take care of his ailing parents. While he is gone the stalking resumes and Cheryl comes close to suffering a nervous breakdown. She begins to live life on the run, not getting enough to eat or sleep. Her practice takes a downward turn because her income generating ability is compromised by having no confidential means to talk or meet with clients.
Tim returns to Cheryl and they become engaged. The gang stalking subsides and an evil spirit takes over and terrorizes Cheryl while she sleeps. This evil spirit, an incubus, paralyzes Cheryl in a dreamlike state and sexually assaults her. Although Cheryl is disturbed by the experience she pushes it out of her mind. Once again Tim needs to leave to take of loose ends back home before coming to stay with Cheryl permanently. While Tim is away Cheryl and Daniel decide to pursue a further appeal with the Court of Appeals. Cheryl also finds out she is pregnant but doesn’t know who the father of her unborn child is.